Ryan Hansen Teeth are Fake

Ryan Hansen Put a Fake Set of Teeth For a Movie ‘Good on Paper’!!!

All about the ‘Good on Paper’ actor Ryan Hansen Teeth, Fake or Real, Weight Gain, Top Movies, and more.

Best known for his portrayal as Dick Casablancas on the series Veronica Mars, Ryan Hansen has great popularity in the film industry. Lately, he again has gathered more fame through his role in Netflix’s “Good on Paper”. The charming actor has played in more than three dozens of movies and TV shows throughout his career.

Ryan Hansen on “Good on Paper”

The American actor has tried something new for his latest film in 2021. For the role of Dennis, he has brought a great change in his looks. Adding extra guts and fake teeth, he seems a totally different person in the movie.

Ryan Hansen as Dennis Kelly (1)

Ryan Hansen as Dennis Kelly in “Good on Paper”
Image Source: Insider

Released on June 23, 2021 “Good Paper” is a semi-autobiographical movie showing the love story between Dennis Kelly and Andrea Singer (Iliza Shlesinger). Depicting a real story might have pressure on the actor to change his looks.

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However, along with the release of the movie, people have been wondering about Ryan’s teeth all along. Some even convinced themselves that the actor had a permanent change on his teeth. Celebrities like Trinity K. Bonet and Michael Strahan also went through temporary dental surgery.

Are Ryan Hansen Teeth Real in Netflix’s Movie “Good on Paper”?

To answer everyone’s query about the actor Hansen’s teeth, he only put fake teeth for the role. Otherwise, he has naturally perfect teeth which have attracted a lot of audiences. Furthermore, it doesn’t seem he has gone through any dental procedure for enhancing his looks in real life.

Ryan Hansen Real and Fake Teeth

The actor has changed a lot for the role
Image Source: Celebs Diaries

From the 2005 movie “Death by Engagement”, he has been under the media for more than 15 years. So, any procedure he might have gone through couldn’t go far from the public. The star is active on Instagram and Twitter, stay connected for more info.

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Thus, the only dental surgery ‘Party Down’ actor is supposed to have is teeth whitening which is common for almost every celebrity in the USA. However, in an interview with Insider, the actor revealed that he loved playing the role of Dennis and is looking further for the same role if possible.

Ryan Hansen Fake Teeth 'Good on Paper'

Ryan showing the set of fake teeth he used for the role
Image Source: Celebs Diaries

“I will actually gain the real weight if I get to do a sequel and jack up my teeth for real,” the ‘Friday the 13th’ star conceded with a laugh. But the changes might be as long as it takes to shoot for the prequel. However, he had been using a set of fake teeth and some padding over his stomach till now.

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