Rylan Clark-Neal Neal Teeth Before and After Veneers

Find out all about English Television Presenter Rylan Clark-Neal teeth transformation with before and after comparison in detail.

Rylan Clark-Neal is a very well-known English television and radio presenter. He started getting recognition as a singer and he also finished 5th in the popular singing show, X-Factor. After this, he also went on to win the British reality television series Celebrity Big Brother. He is also credited with being a narrator and model.

However, what we are writing is not about the model’s career. We will actually discuss his teeth rumors. Are Rylan’s teeth fix rumors true? We will also be comparing his snippets from before and after look compared to one and another?

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Rylan Clark Neal Teeth Before & After Veeners

There have been many searches about Clark’s teeth. Did the radio presenter get his teeth done? Yes, the rumors are true the 33-year-old Ryan did get his teeth done.

                        Rylan Clark-Neal teeth before and after                                                           (Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

When did Rylan Clark fix his teeth? What happened to his teeth in the past? In 2013, in his debut hosting Big Brother spin-off show Big Brother’s Bit On The Side Clark showed off his

Celebrity Big Brother 11 winner, Clark was following in the footsteps of his pal Katie Price and had veneers fitted.  And Twitter went crazy. One user tweeted ‘Someone’s had their teeth done….RYLAN! OMG, they look so false!.’ Another wrote sarcastically that the former X-factor star’s teeth look as natural as a pig with teeth.

What are veneers? a veneer is a layer of material placed over a tooth. This is mostly done to cover and protect the real teeth.

And the reason behind this is not revealed by the 33-year-old singer. However, such dental treatments are not uncommon when you are a very widely known personality. As the showbiz industry demands them to look as perfect as possible, even if they look fake.

Back in 2016, Clark described his teeth as “the biggest mistake” of his life also admitted that to be fair, they’ve earned me a lot of money.

Rylan Clark Teeth 2021

Has Rylan Clark changed his teeth? Are Rylan Clark-Neal’s teeth real? Yes, recently in December of 2021 the singer tweeted that he has said goodbye to his veneer teeth after 8 years. He added that it hurt him but sometimes it needs to be let go.

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He also posted a video introducing his new and real smile imminent. And we have also compared the 33-year-old’s before and after photos and have found that without veneers Rylan’s teeth look very common. It has lost the unusual shine that it had.

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