Sally Obermeder Weight Loss

Everything you need to know about Sally Obermeder’s weight loss and diet plan with before and after snippets

Sally Obermeder, an Australian media personality, and television host were born on August 17, 1973. She is 48 now and will be turning 49 on August 17, 2022.

Sally married Marcus Obermeder in 2001. The couple lives in Bondi, NSW. The couple tried In vitro fertilization (IVF) after struggling to become pregnant for a while, and in January 2011 they had birth.

In October 2011, the day after Sally Obermdeder received her stage 3 breast cancer diagnosis, their daughter was born.

Obermeder announced in July 2016 that she was expecting a child through surrogacy. She gave birth to the baby child through a surrogate in the United States of America in December 2016.

The 48 years old began with her eight-month chemotherapy treatment after giving birth to her daughter.

This experience has been the most taxing but also the most empowering of her life, coupled with being a new mother.

In May 2012, Sally attended the InStyle magazine “Women of Style Awards.” She was given a standing ovation for her address, in which she talked about the definition of style and the lessons she’s learned from battling illness and being a new mother.

In addition, Obermeder published a book on her experiences.

Obermeder had her first mastectomy in June 2012, and from July to September 2012, she had radiation.

In September 2012, a second mastectomy and reconstruction procedure was performed. The TV personality celebrated receiving his five-year all-clear in 2016.

Today let us discuss about her body transformation and compare her before and after the snippet.

Sally Obermrder weight loss.

So how much weight loss did she have? Yes, Sally had a 22 kg weight loss in a year, but she didn’t feel it necessary to talk about it. She didn’t even notice it until she started getting questions about it.

                   Sally Obermeder weight loss (Before and After)
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The 48-year-old media personality spoke out about her weight loss experience on the website of the health company

While she did discuss the whys and hows of her new way of life, she largely had one message. “Regardless of your weight, shape, or size, you are worthy, you are loved and you are whole,”

Obermeder emphasized that she is not promoting diet culture or feelings of inadequacy, but rather is being open and honest about her experience to address some often asked topics.

Sally Obermrder’s Weight Loss diet plan.

What kind of diet does the TV personality follow? Sally begins the day by consuming some of her Super Green Super Food powder.

“No two days are the same and mostly that’s because I’m a foodie and I eat based on my mood and what I feel like, but I do have some staples,” reveals Sally.

She takes smoothies made using any available fruit and vegetables as breakfast.

Sally says, “The one I’m making at the moment is a guilt-free sticky date smoothie. It tastes like a sticky date pudding but it’s a green smoothie and it’s so delicious, that I have it every morning. The kids love it too.”

In the afternoon at 1.30 after a coffee in the studio, Sally is ready for another smoothie with frozen berries at 3.30.

She takes vegan bolognese, vegetable curry, vegan chili con carne, or fish cooked in the oven with onion and garlic as dinner.

So seeing her before and after picture, it’s clear that she had weight loss and she is pretty confident about it.

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