Sam Rubin’s weight loss journey

Sam Rubin’s weight loss journey

Find out all about Sam Rubin’s weight loss journey, diet plan, and before and after snippets comparison in detail.

Sam Rubin is an American journalist. People mostly know him as the entertainment reporter for the KTLA Morning News and as a correspondent for Reelz’s production Hollywood Dailies. The 62-year-old journalist hosts Life From the Academy Awards and the celebrity talk show Hollywood Uncensored with Sam Rubin.

Would you like to know much KTLA anchors make?

Apparently, their base salary for News Anchor in companies like KTLA range varies from $35,000 to $58,000 with the average base salary of $44,222. Including bonuses, and annual incentives, the total cash compensation can be around $44,488.

Nonetheless, few of you have speculated that Sam has had a change in his appearance. They say that he has weight transformation. So let us compare him before and after snippets to find out.

Sam Rubin Weight Loss-Before and After

Yes, the journalist has confirmed that he has had a weight loss. He states that he is 5’10” and of the medium frame. And by medium frame, he does not include an extra attachment, a pretty significant pot belly; and some extra squish around his neck and face.

                         Sam Rubin weight loss (Before and After)                   (Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

Rubin’s daughter Rory has also told him to admit that he was morbidly obese. But he refused to admit it.

How much weight loss did Sam encounter? He has lost around 26 pounds. And according to his Instagram post, it is an astonishing thing as it only took him 9 weeks.

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He also stated that when you have a 24/7 office, any kind of sweet treats is viewed as a precious resource. So when a full candy bowl appeared, or a box of donuts, or a hundred other variations he didn’t think twice to eat it.

Sam admitted that he was a sugar addict and needed that ongoing sugar “high” all the time. He would stop at CVS and buy bags of candy. In addition, he also went to McDonald’s, not for burgers and fries, but for McFlurry’s and Hi-C Orange soda.

So how did Sam Rubin manage to have a weight loss?

Firstly why did he have a weight loss? According to the 62-year-old,  after a visit to the doctor, he found out that the diabetic range, triglycerides cut in half and more of his biological age, reduced by 9 years.

Nonetheless, according to this site, he has revealed his diet plan.

We will not go into details about everything. Rubin has also a very healthy diet consisting of Grain-free granola, chocolate chia pudding, and creamy spinach basil soup. If you want the complete ingredient and cooking method for these items be sure to check the site out.

Unfortunately, we didn’t see anything relating to his daily workout schedules.

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