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Complete Biography of Sasha Lane

Grab a complete biography of American actress Sasha Lane with some intriguing topics like her sexual orientation, daughter, tattoos, dating life, facts, and more.

Only a few actors are open about their sexuality and Sasha Lane is one of them. The actress revealed her sexual orientation at Sundance Film Festival in 2018 during the promotions of Cameron Post’s Miseducation. 

Lane is openly bisexual, and would never hesitate to speak up for LGBTQ rights. She has a good acting career, in addition to that. Sasha Lane is an American actress. Below we’ve presented you with all the details of the actress.

Who is Sasha Lane?

Lane was born on 29 September 1995 as Sasha Bianca Lane in Houston, Texas, U.S. Lane is the daughter of an African-American father and New Zealander mother. 

When her parents divorced, she was too young and she began living with her mother ever since.

Talking about her educational background, Lane graduated from Texas State University. San Marcos but soon dropped out because of her interest in filmmaking.  She made her screen debut in American Honey in 2016.  The actress then starred in a variety of movies including Hearts Beat Fast, Cameron Post’s Miseducation, Born in the Maelstrom, and others.

Quick Facts: Sasha Lane

Which Country was Sasha Lane born?

September 29, 1995, in Houston, Texas, U.S

What is Susan Sasha Lane’s nationality?


What ethnicity does Sasha Lane belong to?


How tall is Sasha Lane?

5 feet 3 inches.

What is Sasha Lane’s zodiac sign?


Which social media platform Sasha Uses?

Instagram – @sashablane

Who is Sasha Lane Dating?


Which color eyes does Sasha Lane have?


What is Sasha Lane’s hair color?


Sasha Lane is Blatantly Bisexual 

In 2018, at the Sundance Film Festival press junket, she opens up to about her identity at the promotions of Cameron Post’s Miseducation. Lane is very secretive about her personal life, she has never spoken in the past about dating a guy or girl.  She is pretty active on Instagram where she earned over 158k+ followers as of 2020. 

Mother of Aster Cairo & Private Dating Life 

Sasha seems to be secretive when it comes to her relationship and personal affairs. Besides her sexual testimony of being part of the ‘LGBTQIA+’ community, Lane has not shared much about the father of daughter Aster Cairo as well as not opened about her dating life. The only public relationship of Aster was with English actress and model Mia Goth which ended back in 2016.

However, we would not say, Aster doesn’t love her child as she often posts an adorable momma-dolly snap. If you scroll through her Instagram, you can seek some life experiences from Cairo like the feels of being a mother, taking responsibilities, and being an independent woman. 

Sasha Lane Tattoos – Vibe Tattoo

Sasha has the word ‘Vibe’ inked on her right wrist. She has tatted the word in Serif/Typewriter font and is on her Arms. 

Sasha Lane Vibe Wrist Tattoos

Sasha Lane wrist tattoos.
Image Source: Instagram

Coming at the style of the tattoo, it sure looks cool & eye-catching, if you wear it on a T-shirt or some wear where you can flaunt it naturally. Probably the ink which one will not regret. 

Sasha Lane Sunflower Tattoos – Right Leg

Another popular tattoo of the actress is her Sunflower tattoos which she has inked on her right calf. The tattoo is done with classic black and gray with shades. 

Sasha Lane Sunflower

You are my Sunflower!
Image Source: Pinterest

The tattoos show a single piece of sunflower with five sunflower petals flying over it. Wonder what it meant to her. Anyways the ink looks cool on her leg.

Navel Cakra Tattoos

Sasha shares a navel chakra tattoo inked on the top of her left shoulder. The symbol means loving yourself, free expression, and embracing all of your emotions and sexuality.

Sasha Lane Shoulder Chakra tattoo

Navel Chakra Tattoo.
Image Source: SHS

According to Steal Her Style, Lane inked when she started loving her self and embraced all the things life has offered her with, no matter it is good or bad. Truly spiritual and the way of thinking one should follow for healthy, peace, and positive vibe.

Back Fern-Tattoo

Similarly, another enticing tattoo of the 24 years old is her back Fern-Tattoo. The Hearts Beat Loud actress printed the beautiful ink with a beautiful message which reads, ‘tomorrow’s people’.

Sasha Lane Fern Tattoo

Sasha Lane Back Shoulder Tattoo.
Image Source: SHS

Besides the above-mentioned tattoos, Lane has various other cool tattoos like “Ö,erdöben” on her left forearm, similarly, the word ‘metta’ on her left-hand fingers. Moving on, the Shrimp actress also shares a cool word ‘lovely’ tattoo on her upper arm. 

Besides the above-mentioned tattoos, the actress also shares various tattoos on her inner parts such as upper thighs, near her bosoms, and forth. Which you guys check from her Instagram.

Sasha Lane Net Worth & Movies

Talking about Sasha Lane’s net worth, accounting for all of her 12 featured movies, commercial success, and roles, Lane possesses a net worth of $200,000. And as per reports by Work, an average monthly wage of actress ranges from $9.39$39.84 hours per annum and $44k

Sasha Lane Net Worth, Movies

Moreover, the actress receives $448.5$747.5 per promotional post being a public figure with more than 158k followers on her InstagramIn addition, she even made a fair amount of the cover shoots and endorsements.

so that’s more of her Biography. We hope you enjoyed the article, stay tuned for more Celebrity Biographies & Did You Know Facts! only on Celebs Diaries.

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