Scrubs actress Sarah Chalke’s plastic surgery -Before and After

Grab all who want to know about Sarah Chalke’s plastic surgery speculations with before and after photo comparisons in detail.

Sarah Louise Christine Chalke is a Canadian actress and model. Most of you like me recognize her for portraying Elliot Reid on the NBC/ABC comedy series Scrubs. Or you should remember her for the second Becky Conner on the ABC sitcom Roseanne, Stella

Did Sarah Chalke leave Scrubs? No, the actress didn’t she was one of the original cast members and she lasted until the series ended.

People have been wanting to know what Sarah Chalke is doing now. Let us see what we can find out it.

What happened to Sarah Chalke? Plastic Surgery

Being in showbiz including social media is truly difficult. You have to look as perfect as possible even if this means you need to use artificial surgery such as plastic surgery. And it’s not really uncommon now to have cosmetic surgeries. They are also regarded as fashion statements.

Your appearance matter especially when you are a model. We have covered several models including the likes of Kylie JennerBella Throne, Clea Shearer, and Christie Brinkley just to mention a few.

                  Sarah Chalke Plastic Surgery (Before and After)        (Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

There are several plastic surgery/cosmetic surgery celebs do to look good. We are gonna list out the most preferred and common ones- Blepharoplasty, Rhinoplasty, facelift, and eye-brow lift. In addition to this botox, breast implants and cheek augmentation/cheek implants are also favored.

Unfortunately, the model has never commented anything about having plastic surgeries. She has also not admitted that she is planning anything.

As per what Sarah is doing now, last year she did a voice-over for the Netflix series Paradise PD and was also a star cast member in Firefly Lane. Late that year the actress voiced Stella, the tactical officer in the Netflix series Dogs in Space.

Anyways getting back to the main subject at hand, there are not any articles that have proof that Sarah did have plastic surgeries done. So we had to compare her before and after photos ourselves.

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And Sarah has aged like she needs to. Most celebs having plastic surgery never look the same as their age. But it is not the case with her. Her Wrinkles and crow’s feet when she smiles indicate that the Scrubs actress has not given any thought to having a botox and facelift.

We carefully examined her old photos and the shape and size of her nose look the same as well.  So no rhinoplasty there. There are also no signs of lip fillers or jawline surgeries too.

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