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Who Is Seo Yea-Ji dating now? Grab all the details about the ‘It’s Okay to Not Be Okay’ star, Seo Yea-JI relationship status with Kim Jung Hyun, rumored relationship, and many more.

As a matter of fact, many people are crazy fans of Korean drama, ain’t you? And, if you love watching Korean drama, then we are pretty sure that many of you might be amazed by the role of Seo Yea-Ji as a Ko Moon-young in a South Korean romance drama television series, It’s Okay to Not Be Okay.

Seo Yea-Ji is no other than a famous South Korean actress who first started her acting career in the sitcom Potato Star 2013QR3. And, keeping her relationship status away from the very beginning, people are curious to know her current relationship status. Matter of fact, recently, the talented actress Seo Yea-Ji dating information is the biggest concern among the public. So, without any delay, let’s dig in to learn about her dating life and more.

Who Is Seo Yea-Ji Dating Now?

And after people own huge discussion, they came to their own conclusion believing that Seo Yea-Ji and Kim Jung Hyun are dating each other. Well, the information regarding their romantic relationship has not been confirmed yet. And, we have no idea, how the fans came to such a conclusion.

As of now, Seo Yea-Ji dating information is the keen interest of the public

As of now, Seo Yea-Ji dating information is the keen interest of the public
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Wait! some sources have confirmed that the Save Me star, Seo Yea-Ji was the ex-girlfriend of Mr. Queen star, Kim Jung Hyun. And, the sources also claimed that they have been dating each other for more than a year.

Seo Yea-Ji and Kim Jung Hyun. It’s Over Between Them?

People are still speculating that Seo Yea-Ji and Kim Jung Hyun are still in a romantic relationship. And, if you are among one of them who still claims that they are dating each other then let us make clear that they are no longer seeing each other.

Seo Yea-Ji revealed it's over between her and Kim Jung Hyun

Seo Yea-Ji revealed it’s over between her and Kim Jung Hyun
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And, if you surface around the Moorim School star, Seo’s Instagram then you might have already learned that they are no longer in a romantic relationship. There she announced that “it’s over” between us. The reason behind their split is still a mystery among the people. However, some sources released old conversations between the two actors-

Seo: Mr. Kim Stiff. Get rid of all the skinship scenes.
Kim: Of course.
Seo: Why don’t you tell me what you did today?
Kim: I didn’t even say hello to the female staff today.
Kim: I told director Jang (‘Time’ director) that I won’t do romance.
Seo: lol good. Keep it up.
Kim: I saw the script for episode 9, and it needs revision.
Seo: Do a good job with revisions.

As a matter of fact, it is still unknown if these conversations are true or real as both of them have been tight lips regarding it. And some media outlets said that the School 2017 actor, Kim was in physical contact with Seohyun in MBC‘s romance drama, Time. Moreover, the 31-years-old actress said that she didn’t like having physical contact with other co-stars. In addition, Kim was rumored to be dating Seo Ji Hye, star of Crash Landing On You for a year.

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We are not sure about the real reason behind their split but we assume that the rumors of Kim being in a relationship with other co-stars are could be the reason behind it. What do you think about it? Share with us.

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