Family Guy Producer Seth MacFarlane Hair Tranplant & Girlfriend!

Family Guy Producer Seth MacFarlane Hair Tranplant & Girlfriend!

Seth MacFarlane and his hair transplant in detail with before and after snippet comparison.

Seth Woodbury MacFarlane is an American animator, writer, producer, actor, singer, voice actor, and director who is most famous for producing the animated sitcoms Family Guy, American Dad!, and The Cleveland Show, for which he also provides the voices for many of the many characters.

After finding his passion for drawing as a toddler, MacFarlane began developing the animated characters Fred Flintstone and Woody Woodpecker at the age of two.

MacFarlane obtained his high school graduation from Kent School in 1991. While there, he continued to experiment with animation, and his parents gave him an 8 mm camera.

MacFarlane then continued his education at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), where he majored in cinema, video, and animation and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. He had intended to work for Disney while still a student, but after graduation, he changed his mind.

Lately, there are a lot of speculations circulating about Seth MacFarlane’s hair transplant. So to uncover the real facts we present all the details about his hair transplant down below, stick with us till the end.

Seth MacFarlane Hair Transplant – Before & After

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure in which hair follicles are removed from the “donor site” on one region of the body and placed on the “recipient site,” a bald or balding area. The use of hair transplants is to recover male pattern baldness. Stress is a key cause of male pattern baldness.

            Seth MacFarlane’s Hair Transplant (Before and After)
(Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

Here are two images of Macfarlane, one from early in his career and the other from more recently. Take note of the “improvement.” These kinds of images raise the possibility that Macfarlane underwent a hair transplant treatment.

For a man whose net worth is believed to be above $100M, money wouldn’t be a problem when it came to purchasing the best that money can buy. Most of the personalities from Hollywood will perform these treatments if they have to. According to kurtzmanplasticsurgery hair transplant costs anywhere from $2,000 to $15,000

We can clearly see in the picture that he was losing his scalp hair. It’s clear that the hairline hasn’t completely disappeared, and there is some thinning towards the temples.

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In his recent photos, we can see that he has quite thick hair but his hairline has not changed much. He has kept his hairline looking quite natural, which makes a hair transplant less likely and suggests that he may not have had one.

As opposed to a hair transplant when hosting or appearing on the red carpet, Macfarlane substitutes some form of concealer/thickening spray or powder. During the Academy Awards, Macfarlane’s hair had a fuller, darker look, which would imply a temporary repair.

But for the time being, it appears that Macfarlane is too preoccupied with other issues to be concerned about his hair loss. Maybe he’ll use it as inspiration.

Seth MacFarlane Girlfriend

Who is Seth MacFarlane dating? As of 2022, Seth MacFarlane is dating Anne Winters (@annewinters). Actress Anne Christine Winters is from the United States. She has appeared as Emma Al-Fayeed in the FX series Tyrant, Vicki Roth in the ABC drama Wicked City, and Chloe Rice in the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why.

                            Seth MacFarlane and Anne Winters
(Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

After the actress joined the comedy cast, they met on the set of The Orville. In December 2020, Winters supposedly published a picture of them holding hands while watching a movie, which is when they are said to have made their Instagram love official.

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Many wonder about his marriage and his status as an engaged man. However, despite having multiple romances, he is not now married or engaged. Despite their huge age differences, Seth and Anne look gorgeous together. Additionally, the pair has shown that age is only a number.

She recently collaborated on a TV show with her companion Seth. Anne is currently 28 years old. Despite their considerable age differences, they work well together. Additionally, they have shown that age is immaterial.

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