What happened to English-Irish Vocalist Shane MacGowan Teeth???

What happened to English-Irish Vocalist Shane MacGowan Teeth???

Read the article to know every details about English-Irish singer Shane MacGowan Teeth, before and after, dental enhancements, songs, childhood and more

An English-born Irish songwriter and a musician Shane MacGowan is best known as the lead singer of the famous band the Pogues. Being active since the year 1977, he has a separate fanbase in the whole world. Along with awesome written music, his teeth also have of keen interest to public.

His teeth has been a distinct looks among the celebrities. What really happened with his teeth? Has he gone through any dental enhancements? If yes, what procedure did he follow and why is his teeth on trending? Know everything with before and after pictures.

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What happened to Shane MacGowan teeth?

Unlike his voice, his teeth was drawing everyone back from the star. His unaligned teeth and gap had made her looks awful. Some people also believed that his rasping voice was the result of his teeth. However, the singer’s voice has always grabbed a lot attention.

Shane MacGowan Teeth (1)

His teeth were awful before
Image Source: The Mirror

Some even raised the question was he born like that. And the answer is no. He had a good set of teeth before. However, as guardian revealed years of alcohol and drug abuse led him to the situation. Exactly looking back 10-11 years ago, MacGowan had a normal set of teeth.

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At the time, the awful look of his teeth might have disgusted him too. So, he used to have a set of dentures for maintaining his looks at some places. The teeth of the singer also became a huge lesson why one shouldn’t use drugs or alcohol excessively. Although he felt the need to go under the dentist treatment, he didn’t go until he reached the age of 58.

Shane MacGowan (1)

The snippet of the singer after teeth works
Image Source: The New York Times

Mirror penned about his fear with the dentist. “When I was very small I had teeth taken out by a string round the tooth and then put on the door handle there.” Further he added, “They wouldn’t tell you what they were going to do, they would just bang the door and out came the tooth.”

Comparison of his before and after teeth

However, he now has a perfect set of teeth. He went through a long procedure about six years ago. Further talking about her procedure, his girlfriend was near him throughout the whole treatment. Rumors also told the teeth enhancement could have some effect in his voice. But he proved them all wrong when he was back on the stage with a bang.

Shane MacGowan Teeth Works (1)

The evolution of his teeth before and after
Image Source: Daily Mail

The dental works also expanded the diet of the songwriter. The foods and fruits he couldn’t eat for more than 20 years was possible just because of the dentist. The vocalist of the band is very grateful as his appearance has changed a lot since past. Fans and followers are shocked themselves knowing the teeth could make such a difference.

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The 64-year-old singer has more than 37.7k followers on Instagram and about 25.3k followers on Twitter. Make sure to give it a follow for any updates about the star, his new music, teeth enhancements or anything.

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