Shane Warne Plastic Surgery Cheek, Lip Fillers, Confrontation

Shane Warne Cheek Augmentation, Lip Filters , Confrontation and More.

Find out all the details about Shane Warne’s cheek augmentation, lip filter, confrontation, and more details.

Shane Warne was a famous Australian cricketer. A right-arm leg-spinner who was recognized as one of the greatest bowlers in cricket history.

However, he has again been all over the internet because of his recent demise. He passed away at the age of 52 years old due to a heart attack. He had been speculated for plastic surgery and fans also told him to “back off” plastic surgery. His changing face has made him subjected to cosmetic procedures.

Read more to find more details about his cheek augmentation, lip filter, confrontation, and more.

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Shane Warne Cheek Augmentation, Lip Filters

Had the king of the spinner, Shane Warne gone through the knife? However, he has never admitted to plastic surgery. But, what are all those rumors about?

Shane Warne Plastic Surgery (Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

He posted a selfie with an Instagram filter, that was seen like he went through surgery and was commented on by many people. Moreover, his fans also told him to “back off” from plastic surgery. He was had several negative comments about the surgery.

But now Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon Dr Randal Haworth has told the Daily Mail he believes Warne has “dabbled” with a few procedures over the years.

“I suspect that he has dabbled with Botox and perhaps some fillers here and there,” he told the Daily Mail . Moreover, he was also suspected for brow lift as it’s totally changed from his younger days, when his naturally low-set brows were particularly droopy on the outer edge.

How much does lip augmentation cost? It cost an average of $2,000–$4,000 for a long term implantation.

But, the late Australian cricketer denied that he had gone through any surgeries. However, he revealed about getting hair transplants. He claimed that did not want to go bald and appearance matters in that case.

‘I take pride in my appearance. I always try to dress nicely. Yes, I go to the dentist regularly and get my teeth whitened,’ he said.

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Moreover, his career was at risk during the 2003 World Cup when he tested positive for diuretics However, he claimed his mother gave it to him for weight loss.

Shane Warne Confrontation

Shane confronted about his plastic surgery by revealing his weight loss. He made it clear, he looks changed because of a weight loss of more than 14 kilograms. And there are no surgeries he had done through. He revealed that he has been trying “traditional Chinese medicine” and working out hard at the gym.

Moreover, he also talked about his weight. His weight was around 92 kilos when he finished playing cricket. He had set goals to lose weight to get fit for his TV show.

‘I’ve dropped 14 kilos, I’m trying to lose another three or four more to get down to 80kg but I haven’t had any work done to my head. I haven’t had, whatever they call it, fillers, injections, and all that sort of stuff!’

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However, he was always loved by his fans and will always remain a renowned player.

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