Jacob Batalon Weight Loss (Before And After)

Spider-Man Star Jacob Batalon Astonishing Weight Loss

Find out all about ‘Spider-Man’ actor Jacob Batalon weight loss including his before & after comparison, diets, workouts, and more

Jacob Batalon is mostly recognized for portraying the character of Ned Leeds in Spider-Man. Ned is Peter Parker’s best friend in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We all remember him as the chubby side-kick of the lead character, Spider-Man in the movie.

Batalon was born on 9 October 1996in Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.Moreover, the actor’s parents come from the Philippines. Furthermore, the actor has also played other roles in movies like Every day and Let It, Snow. On October 9, 2020, a Spider-Man actor posted a mirror selfie of himself. However, this photo looked quite different. Shockingly, the photo showed his astonishing weight loss. Since then all his fans have been wanting to know about his weight loss.

Jacob Batalon Weight Loss; Before & After Comparison

So why did Jacob Batalon lose weight? Jacob was famous as the chubby best friend we loved. However, what made him unique was also what made him uncomfortable. Moreover, the Spider-Man star had been the target of body shaming. Apparently, Hollywood is the industry where appearance matters. And, everyone wants a skinny celebrity.

Jacob Batalon Weight Loss (Before And After)
                    Jacob Batalon Weight Loss Before and After                                                 Image Source: Celeb’s Diaries

The actor’s birthday gift to himself this year is his achievement of weight loss. As the 24-year-old posted the photo of his new look on his birthday. Moreover, the actor wore a beanie, a brown jacket, and black trousers. Additionally, he had chains around his neck and glasses on his eyes. Since when did the actor start losing weight? The actor had shown his significant weight loss writing “Ned just wanted to stop and say hi.”. Moreover, this post reveals he was going through the process of losing weight.

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However, the fans only noticed it when the transformation was huge. Now, the Marvel actor has proudly flaunted his astonishing weight loss with the caption, “Don’t try to get at me..imma be vibin all day.” From his Instagram caption where he writes about the appreciation about the concern. Furthermore, the actor adds that people can stop telling him to lose weight now. Moreover, it is likely that the Ned Leeds actor was bullied for his figure. Nevertheless, the Filipino-American actor is looking better than ever before. In addition, the shocking transformation has stunned all the fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

What Does the Actor Have to Say about His Weight Loss?

Spider-Man star hasn’t shared the details about his weight loss. However, looking at his before and after photos, the weight shredded is estimated to be about 102 pounds. Apparently, the Bubble Gang actor had been keeping track of his weight loss.

Jacob Batalon Weight Loss (Before And After)
                      Jacob Batalon Weight Loss Before and After                                                   Image Source: Celeb’s Diaries

But, fans only noticed his transformation up until recently. Glamour Fame has reported that the actor speeded up his weight loss for a role. While many people have commended his weight loss, rumors of surgery have been speculated too. Did a 24-year-old actor go through surgery to achieve weight loss? The Spider-Man‘s sidekick has denied all the rumors about surgery. How did Batalonloose weight? He said that his weight loss came from a strict diet and workout. What are his workouts?

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According to sources the Banana Split actor’s workout consists of cardio, running, and a protein-packed diet. Surely, with the weight loss of Jacob Batalon, Ned Leeds is going to appear as a slender sidekick in the upcoming Spider-Man movie.

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