Tami Roman weight loss

Tami Roman Weight Loss Details; Does She Have Cancer?

Find out all the facts about the details of Tami Roman weight loss and before & after comparison. Moreover, does she have cancer?

Tami Roman is an actress, model, and businesswoman. She is best known for the American TV reality show, Basketball Wives. Moreover, Basketball Wives is a TV series broadcasted on VH1. Furthermore, the TV personality on famous on Instagram too as her account, tamiroman, has 3.1 million followers.

Recently, Tami appears to have lost a significant amount of weight. Subsequently, the actress has faced criticism and judgments online. So, why did the actress lose weight? What does the actress have got to say about her weight loss? Moreover, there has been news of cancer-related to the Basketball Wives star. Furthermore, is the model suffering from cancer? Read more to find all the details.

Learn Her Health Issues

Lately, Tami Roman has been bullied on the internet for looking too skinny. Recently, in an interview with shape.com  the reality TV star said that her reason for losing weight had always been related to health. Moreover, she told Shape that people in their 30s are dying due to heart attacks. Furthermore, the 51–year-old suggested people make a conscious decision saying that losing weight takes time just like gaining weight. And, it won’t be instant. Subsequently, Mistress 101 author posted about the interview on Instagram. Unfortunately, the actress immediately faced a negative comment.

A user tried to shame the Wild ‘n Out special guest with the comment that said the user couldn’t take her seriously when the actress chain smokes and drinks. In addition, the user wrote that she had seen the damages of having diabetes and smoking as the user was a nurse. Moreover, Tami replied to the comment by sarcastically thanking the commenter for judging instead of offering help to quit. Furthermore, The Real World: Los Angeles cast member shaded the user by saying that even people in the non-medical field have been helping her with her smoking and drinking problems. Indicating, that as a nurse her negative social media practices should be known to the place she is working at. Accordingly, medical professionals like nurses are not supposed to be judgemental.

Tami Roman Weight Loss; Before & After Comparison

Why did the Basketball Wives star lose too much weight? Roman shared that she didn’t lose weight but the diabetic had lost her willingness to die in her Instagram. Moreover, the mother of two children warned that diabetes is no joke and the author had detoxed, suppressed her appetite, and made better food choices. Tami started losing weight at first in 2012. But recently, the model was backlashed for her too skinny figure. How did the TV star lose weight? Did she do any surgery or take any pills?

Tami Roman weight loss
            Tami Roman weight loss (Image Source: Celeb’s Diaries)

The African-American celebrity has no news of doing any surgery or weight loss. However, the actress claims of taking pills to suppress her appetite. Still, her weight loss was a natural process by controlling her diet and doing exercise. Furthermore, the TV personality called out to negative commenters and anyone who called her crackhead to enjoy laughing. Lastly, the footwear designer ended the comment by writing that she was going to live for her two beautiful daughters by any means. Also, the TV celebrity tagged fashion nova and hashtagged ‘BeBlessed’ and ‘HealthyForMe’ in her Instagram comment.

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By saying the comment was for anyone who called her “crackhead”, who is the model referring to? We may just have the idea. Another TV personality starring in Basketball Wives, Evelyn Lozada called Tami Roman a “crackhead” in an episode of season 7 of Basketball Wives. Moreover, in the episode Evelyn said to Tami to worry about her health and that 5 ft 9 inches star was looking like a “crackhead” these days. What does crackhead mean? What was the 45-year-old implying by calling her co-star a crackhead? Crackhead is called to a person who consumes crack cocaine. Meaning, that Roman was basically looking like a person who lost a lot of weight because of taking crack drugs.

Does Tami Roman Have Cancer?

No, Tami Roman does not have cancer. Since the TV star has lost a lot of weight, it is no surprise that many people may speculate it is due to her sickness. As the model has said that the weight loss is because of her health issues. However, it is due to her diabetes. And, the mother of two daughters hasn’t been suffering from cancer. Unfortunately, her own mother had died of cancer back in 2013. Moreover, the TV personality an emotional video on MAY 15, 2020 the model posted an emotional video on her Instagram account.

Tami Roman cancer
                Tami Roman cancer (Image Source: Sister2Sister)

In the video, the celebrity shared her tragic loss saying that the actress was in denial that her best friend and her whole world, her mother was no more. However, she tried to be strong for her two daughters. Furthermore, the post was captioned “The pain of losing a parent was and has been an experience that is so hard to put into words. Every day I make the choice to not let grief overwhelm me by acknowledging the pain so I can heal.”

She Loss Mother through Cancer

On her official blog, which is no longer available, the Moonlight star wrote that watching season 5, in particular, had been bittersweet for her. As her mother was no longer there and a part of her family was no more. Watching her mother’s medical journey was very difficult for her. Surely, there were times when the–year-old was hurt and cried and even got angry with her mother for getting sick. Therefore, the season was an emotional roller coaster for the actress that she would do anything to ride again.

Tami Roman cancer
                       Tami Roman (Image Source: Instagram)

Moreover, The Real World star had admitted that time kept slipping on to the future with no way to rewind time. And, had got to proceed and be the best mother possible for her two girls. Tami made her mission to be successful in all endeavors and make her mother proud. Moreover, the mother of two girls showed appreciation and condolences received. Clearly, the Family Business star learned that things are always changing without your wish. And there are times when people depart from one’s life by choice or by force through her mother’s demise through cancer.

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Hence, she had tried to stop fighting change and just find the lesson that needed to be learned. Furthermore, the mother herself shared the pain with Shauna whom the comedian had considered her family and called cousin for 17 years.

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