Tammy Rabideau tells about her teeth through a story!!

Tammy Rabideau tells about her teeth through a story!!

Everything you want to know about NY Times Writer Tammy Rabideau Teeth, Story, Nose, Jaws, BDD, and more

Tammy Rabideau is a famous writer whose fame sparkled up when her articles were seen in the New York Times. With the popularity, she is now working on a modern love story subject. Her writings also have been included in other publications as well.

The writer has always fascinated everyone with her storyline and essays. However, her appearance came into the spotlight when she posted a story about her teeth.

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Tammy as BDD patient and Symptoms

Tammy is a patient of Body Dysmorphic Disorder(BDD) for a long time and hasn’t found a way to overcome it. The disorder when one is seriously affected by negative compliments over his/her appearance. It might seem strange that a single mother in her 30’s is struggling with such a disorder, but around 5-10 million are said to have been coping with the same problem in the USA.

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The Snippet of writer Tammy Rabideau
Image Source: Gotham Writers Workshop

As mentioned in a story, the NY Times Essayist was motivated by her daughter for dating and she even adopted the procedure. In an online dating app, she had an interaction with Jordan, a divorced man with two children. The conversation went ahead and the couple decided to meet on a date.

The writer had put on a lot of makeup to hide the imperfections about her teeth and lower facial parts. However, in an ongoing conversation, Jordan brought her teeth funnily mocking her. All the excitement fell for her and her mood suddenly changed.

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According to the sources, Jordan’s actual words were, “Wow, luckily you haven’t got anything between your teeth because your teeth are sticking out so much it’s like, ‘Whoa.”

Relation Between Tammy Rabideau Teeth and the Story

Tammy has jacked-up front teeth which have created a lot of impact on her appearance. Further, she also mentioned that she doesn’t have a perfect nose, jaw, or teeth. And it could be hard for her to hear mocking about these parts. Some explained that a good therapy could be a solution for BDD while the writer states that only cosmetic surgery or dental procedure could cure the disorder.

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Her Writings are touching
Image Source: HuffPost

Looking at her pictures, it seems the story might not be hers, but people are assuming it. Gazing at some of her snaps, she is not unattractive as her story tells. As mentioned on her Twitter, she said her recent personal essay which substantiates that the story is hers.

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