Teen Mom star Chelsea Houska Plastic Surgery

Teen Mom Chelsea Houska Plastic Surgery

Find out all the facts about teen mom Chelsea Houska Plastic Surgery rumors and Chelsea Houska Plastic Surgery procedures – before and after.

Chelsea Houska also known as Chelsea DeBoer is famous for appearing on Teen Mom 2. The TV star is also a business woman who is a co-founder of Aubree Says and co-owner of Belle & Rae Co.

Since 2021, Chelsea has been accused of undergoing various plastic surgeries that make her unrecognizable. Are there any truth in the accusations?

What plastic surgery procedures has the teen mom star gone through? Read more to find out all the details about teen mom Chelsea Houska Plastic Surgery rumors – before and after.

Teen Mom Chelsea Houska Plastic Surgery

The most common plastic surgery procedure they like are Breast augmentation or enlargement (augmentation mammoplasty), Eyelid lift (blepharoplasty), Liposuction (lipoplasty), Nose reshaping (rhinoplasty).

In addition to this, people also prefer Botox injections, Facelift (rhytidectomy), and Forehead lift.

So what kind of procedure did Chelsea go under the knife for? Well, although there is not much to this from the actress herself. There have been plenty of sites that have covered the subject matter.

And many of them have also compared her before and after the snippet to give a clearer view of it. And we also did the same thing. After analyzing her before and after pictures, we found a similar difference in most of her then and now photos.

Teen Mom Chelsea Houska Plastic Surgery (Before and After)

How did the rumors start? Over her career on TV, many fans were quick to notice sudden changes in her appearance that included difference in her chin and fuller lips.

What are the plastic surgery procedure that the teen mom star has been accused of? The plastic surgery procedures are chin implant, lip fillers and BBL. What is BBL? BBL is an abbreviation for BroadBand Light therapy.

            Chelsea Houska Plastic Surgery (Before and After)         (Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

It is a cosmetic procedure that uses light energy to reverse the signs of aging. Unfortunately, the TV actress hasn’t spoken up about the plastic surgery rumors. She has neither denied or confirmed about her cosmetic procedures.

Are the rumors true? Comparing her before and after looks over the years there are clues that the 30-year-old did underwent several plastic surgery procedures.

However, many fans even urged the star to stop doing all these plastic surgeries as she was overdoing it. Nevertheless, the mother of four looks great as all her plastic surgery treatments have worked out well for her. Still, overdoing it will cause many risks.

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