Book of Boba Fett Temuera Morrison Teeth Fix, Fake Teeth and more

Find out all about Temuera Morrison and his teeth rumors with before and after comparison in detail

Temuera Derek Morrison is a New Zealand actor who is very notable for his role as Dr. Hone Ropata on the soap opera Shortland Street. Besides this, he has also gained critical acclaim for his starring role as Jake “The Muss” Heke in the 1994 film Once Were Warriors and its 1999 sequel What Becomes of the Broken Hearted?

The 61 years actor has appeared in the recent star wars franchise as Boba Fett.

And this grabbed attention. People have noticed that Temuera’s teeth don’t look the same as they use to. So is there a difference in his before and after photo? Let’s see.

Temuera Morrison Teeth Fix Before and After

People speculate that over the years Morrison has gone through some teeth fix. So do Temuera’s teeth fix rumors have any evidence to support them?

Well, the actor has never admitted or denied the rumors. And none of the people that know him personally or have worked with him have commented about it. However, there have been some sites that have touched upon the subject matter.

               Temuera Morrison teeth fix with before and after                                                 (Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

Why would Temuera have his teeth done? Obviously, most actors want to look as perfect as possible, it is more of a requirement in the entertainment industry. How you look also heavily depends on how you smile and for a good smile you need good teeth.

People in showbiz need a ‘Hollywood Smile.’

When did Temuera have his teeth done? We don’t know when this happened and no one has reported about it as well. How did the rumors about teeth begin?  Recently, one Reddit user gave his opinion about Temuera teeth in Book of Boba Fett.

He stated that 61-year-old actor looks horribly sunburnt, sand-whipped, wrinkly, and dirty Boba Fett crawling through the Tatooine sands with a set of beautiful pearly white teeth

The user also admitted that this was the first time that he noticed his teeth.

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As there has not been much evidence that supports the statement we had to research ourselves to find the truth. So, we decided to analyze his before and after photos. And we found a photo from his past in which he did have as perfect teeth as he now does.

He now seems to have perfect teeth. This might be because he is using veneers, they are often used for this sort of thing.

As per his appearance in the star wars, we have managed to find a picture in which his bottom teeth look yellowish. Besides we didn’t find much of a difference. So we don’t believe that he had to use fake teeth for his role.

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