Texas Democrats

Texas Democrats Defy Arrest Threats After Fleeing to Block Voting Law

Democrats from Texas have refused threats of arrest after fleeing the state in order to stop Republicans from passing a new voting law.

The intention of the Democrats was to paralyze the new voting law forwarded by the Republicans in the chamber of the House of Representatives. More than 50 Democrats flew Washington DC on Monday. The group of Democrats held a press conference too outside the US Capitol

To pass the bill in the House of Representatives at least a two-thirds majority vote of 150 members support is required to Republicans.

Watch: Texas Democrats defy arrest, pledge to remain in Washington over voting rights

On Tuesday, Republican Governor Greg Abbott has announced the missing politician should be arrested and detained as soon as they come back to Texas. He added in an interview with the local television KVYE ABC that ” they must be cabined inside the Texas Capitol until they get their job done”.

The House of Representatives of Texas ordered state police to bring them back under a warrant of arrest if necessary. The problem is, state police have no jurisdiction outside of Texas.

A representative of Democrats Eddie Morales who didn’t fly to Washington also told the Associated Press that it is not possible for the state police to have authority to go out of the state and detained the politicians.

The group of Democrats would ban passing voting bills from different polling places and make compulsion to ID requirements for mail-in voting. Analyzing it a prompt solution is required to Republicans for voting restriction and election security.

The Texas Senate verdicts the bill on Tuesday but the majority of Democrats seems less in the House. The bill must be passed in both houses to become law.

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