The Dark Knight Christian Bale and His Teeth Fixes!!!!

The Dark Knight Christian Bale and His Teeth Fixes!!!!

Find out all there is about Christian Bale’s teeth fixes and his mouth movements with a video and before and after photo comparison in detail.

The actor, who was born in Wales, has a Cockney accent despite growing up in various locations across the UK, including Dorset, Bournemouth, and Surrey. There were many like us who thought he was from the US. But when we heard his interviews we were stunned. That is how to go the actor is.

Nonetheless, let us discuss Bale having his teeth fixed. We gathered things and evaluated his before and after photos and this was what we found.

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Christian Bale Teeth

Good teeth can make you look younger. It can reduce the visibility of wrinkles. And when you are facing the media all day every day and need to smile in most of them you need to look perfect.

Because there will always be those who examine you in detail. And when they find even a small flaw in you they will post the content on social media just to boost their channel or profile.

                               Christian Bale Teeth (Before and After)         (Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

Although it sounds pathetic that Celebs can’t be what want to be for the sake of their stature, it is real. Plastic surgeries, hair transplants, teeth fixes, and weight loss have been very necessary factors.

You can be talented but if you have yellowish teeth, the teeth will be the first thing people notice. Well, it is what it what. Fun fact did you know that Teeth are the hardest substance in our body?

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How did Christian Bale’s teeth rumors resurface? Well, we think it was because of his role on Thor 4 as the god butcher. One of the most memorable scenes that the movie had was the creep and evil smile Christian gave.

Those black and white teeth really looked scary.  The smile that Christian Bale gave in Thor will go down as one of the best moments in MCU phase 4.

Christian Bale Teeth Fixes

When did Bale have teeth fixes?  We all know that the actor is really devoted to his role. His weight loss and weight gain in many movies have left us speechless.

Likewise, when he reprised his role as Patrick Bateman he had his teeth fixed. He claims this was to achieve the look ascribed to the character in Bret Easton Ellis’ novel.

What did the actor do to fix his teeth? To find this we compared her before and after pictures and found that Bale’s teeth were far from perfect in his old pics.

There were not well aligned. To fix this we believe that the actor used veneers. We say this because we have found so recent pics in which he had the same unaligned teeth as before.

So we suspect that Christian occasionally puts off his veneers. Reading more Reddit discussions we also noticed that people suspect that his mouth movement is weird when he speaks.

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His top lip isn’t used very much when speaking monotone. You can notice it in him speaking as batman.

Some think this is because he has really small teeth so that might make his upper lip look odd.

For some, it also reminded them of kids with no front teeth talking. It also looks like his tongue is being held away from his teeth when he speaks.

Check it out what do you think?  In this video, we can clearly see that his upper lips don’t move while he sings the Powerpuff girl theme song.  Yes, you heard it right ‘The Batman singing PowerPuff Girls.’

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