Tai Tuivasa weight loss

The Subject of Tai Tuivasa Weight Loss Rises After Winning Greg Hardy!!!

All About UFC HeavyWeight Fighter Tai Tuivasa Weight Loss, Physique, Greg Hardy Knocked Out, and more.

The Heavyweight Competitor of the UFC, Tai Tuivasa has been lately on the media surface with the subject of his weight loss. The Australian mixed martial artist has impressed a lot of audiences with his performance inside the ring despite his weight.

As of the latest info, the player weighs about 265 lbs(120.2 kg) which is a normal weight for a UFC fighter. But, What is the rumor about his weight loss? Did he lose weight or shed any pounds? Know all about Tai’s before and after weight, diets, and exercises.

Tai Tuivasa Weight and Greg Hardy

With the physique he possessed, some fans criticized him due to his “badly overweight.” Others brought to the social media that the star is not as healthy as other fighters. He has let himself go through gaining weight. Maybe physique isn’t important as winning the matches.

MMA Tai Tuivasa and Greg Hardy UFC match Details

The Snippet of Tai Tuivasa before winning against Greg Hardy
Image Source: MMA Junkie

Some audiences also showed some care towards the fighter saying his carelessness in the body might affect his stamina as well as cardio. While others support Tai as he is saying he has a heavy punch and making everyone proud with his every game.

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The match with Greg Hardy on July 10, 2021, also triggered his fame when he knocked out the fighter Hardy within round time. Comparing Tai with other players at the UFC, people have found it hard to believe that fighter with such a physique could show such performances.

Rumors of Tai Tuivasa Weight Loss

However, Tai Tuivasa is not as heavy as he seems. His opponent Greg was 15 pounds heavier than him when he fought. So, fans also are led to believe that appearance doesn’t have anything to do with Tai’s power, health, and stamina.

Tai Tuivasa Weight Loss Before and After (1)

His physique made a lot of fans wonder
Image Source: Sherdog.com

His fans and people have hoped that the UFC star will go through weight loss or at least improve his physique. But Tai wants to leave his body as it is and isn’t going through any weight loss procedure, at least not now.

Regarding his social media, he is active on Instagram and Twitter. Stay connected for more info.

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