Tiger King Jeff Johnson Wiki, Wife, Net Worth, Cause of death and More

Tiger King Jeff Johnson Wiki, Wife, Net Worth, Cause of Death and More

Find out all the facts about Tiger King Jeff Johnson Wiki, Net Worth and Cause of Death.

Recently, the news of Jeff Johnson’s death has been all over the media. Who was Jeff Johnson? He was recognized for his appearance on an episode of Tiger King.

Jeff Johnson starred on the show as a reptile dealer. He worked on episode 4 of season 1 in Tiger King 2020. Many people have been searching about Jeff Johnson. We have gathered all the information on Jeff. Read more to find out all the details about Tiger King Jeff Johnson Wiki, Net Worth and Cause of Death.

Jeff Johnson Wiki

Jeff Johnson was born on 31 October 1962. Jeff was born in Holdenville. However, he grew up in Oklahoma City. Also, some years of his childhood were spent in Norman.

Jeff’s mother’s name is Mary Dell Rogers but his father’s name hasn’t been disclosed. Mary had three sons including Jeff. The 58-year-old’s two brothers are named David Johnson and Greg Johnson.

Jeff worked with his stepfather in his teen years. Later on, he took the profession of a reptile dealer. Jeff became easily recognized when he starred on the Netflix series Tiger King with Joe Exotic.

In the episode, he talked about Carole Baskin. Baskin was an animal-rights activist. He addressed the conflict between Joe Exotic and the animal-rights activist. Later on, the feud was taken to the court.

About Jeff’s family, it is only known that he has a wife and two children. Other than that not much information has been revealed.

Jeff Johnson does not have a Wikipedia page.

Jeff Johnson Net Worth

Johnson was estimated to have a net worth of between $500,000 to $1 million as of 2021. Jeff lives a modest life and had an attractive personality. In the Netflix show Tiger King, he worked to handle tigers and other animals. However, his exact earnings from the Netflix series are still under review.

Jeff Johnson Cause of Death

According to a report filed by the Oklahoma City Police Department Jeff Johnson died on 8 September 2021. So, what was the cause of his death? Johnson died at the age of 58 and the cause was suicide.

Death of Tiger King’s Jeff Johnson (Image Source: celebs diaries)

His wife told him that the couple had been in a heated argument in the garage. The Tiger King actor shot himself and did suicide in front of his wife in their house in Oklahoma City.

Then, the wife immediately called the police. Also, the ambulance arrived at the gunshot spot. The Netflix actor was immediately taken to the emergency ward in the hospital as he still had a pulse.

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Joe Exotic had also spoken to Johnson’s widow regarding the whole incident. According to the reports, Johnson had ‘no mental health history.’ So what could have been the reason that the reptile dealer had to such action? What is the cause of death behind Jeff Johnson?

Unfortunately, the 58-year-old could not be saved and was pronounced dead because of suicide. Jeff is one of two who died from the Tiger King. Another Netflix cast who died is a former zookeeper, Erik Cowie.

Cowie died because of acute and chronic alcohol use. However, unlike Erik Johnthan’s death is still a mystery to all. Was it natural or suicide just like Jeff.

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