Tiktok stars Kourv Annonatil Alex Warren still dating? Kourv relationship

Tiktok stars Kourv Annonatil Alex Warren still dating? Kourv relationship

Find out all about Kouvr dating life and her relationship status in detail

Kouvr Annon is a famous social media influencer and content creator. She has over a 2.2million followers on Instagram. Her content mostly consists of traveling, promotions, and modeling.

In addition to this, Annon is also famous on Tiktok platforms with her Lip Sync, Comedic, Lifestyles, and Fashion Videos, she has over 13M fans. She has gained this much success at such a young age. How old is Kouvr Annon? Well, she was born on May 31, 2000, in Oahu, HI. Her current age is 21. And her zodiac sign is Gemini.

The 21-year-old content maker has not disclosed much about her personal life. She also doesn’t have a Wikipedia to her name. So, there is not much information about her family, sibling, and early days.

But unlike Kouvr wiki/bio, Annon has been very open about her relationship, and her recent post has raised more interest in Kouvr’s dating life, her partner, and her relationship.

Who is Kouvr Annon Dating?

Does Kouvr have a boyfriend? Is Annon in a relationship? Yes, she has a boyfriend and he is also a social influencer and content creator, his name is Alex Warren.

Kouvr Annon and Alex Warren married? (Image Source: Instagram)

Kouvr’s boyfriend Alex is famous for creating skateboarding stunts and Vlogs in his self-titled channel ‘Alex Warren’. The channel has over 2.6M subscribers and a total of 400 million views.

Besides this Alex is also massively popular on other sites as well, he has around 2million followers on Instagram and a whopping 14 million fans in Tiktok.

Annon has shared a ton of photos of spending time with her boyfriend. In fact, Alex also has a video of the two getting married on his youtube channel, it is titled ‘we got married.’

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However, Annon’s marriage was Warren was just a gag, as they decided to have a fake marriage. Alex stated that a lot of people wanted he getting married to Annon. So, he decided to fulfill their wish.

Are Kouvr Annon and Alex Still Dating?

The video was shared last February, and many question whether they are still together. So is Kouvr Annon still dating Alex Warren. Yes, they are still dating in fact their relationship has never once hinted at slowing down.

There has never been any controversial matter that has surrounded their relationship.

So how did Kouvr and her boyfriend Alex meet? Well, they met in 2018, on the popular media site Snapchat because of a mutual friend. And within two or three months they are already sharing the L-word with each other despite being long-distance as Alex was in California and Annon was in Hawaii.

Cover and Alex is truly something else, isn’t it?

We have also something that will raise your eyebrows. In the latest post in Kouvr Instagram, the content maker is can be seen wearing a gown. If you look close you can see that this is the same photo from the video we mentioned above.

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So does this mean that Kouvr is ready to get married to Alex?- Probably yes, we speculate that social media want to get married soon.

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