Tom Cruise Plastic Surgery, Puffy Face Gone

Tom Cruise Plastic Surgery, Puffy Face Gone

Find out all the details about Tom Cruise’s plastic surgery, before and after, rumors, the puffy face was gone, and more details.

As well all know, Tom Cruise is one of the famous American actors and producers. Moreover, he is one of the highest-paid and richest actors in the world.

Furthermore, he is hit for his blockbuster Mission: ‘Impossible’ in which the star also produced and the highly acclaimed ‘Jerry McGuire’. These movies also gained him a second Academy Award nomination and Golden Globe for Best Actor.

He was rumored with plastic surgery and fans are wondering if he had gone through the knife? Read more to find more details about his plastic surgery, before and after, rumors, the puffy face was gone, and more details.

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Tom Cruise Plastic Surgery, Before and After

Tom Cruise was speculated with plastic surgery rumors in 2012 and now he has been rumored again. Fans are curious to know every detail about his plastic surgery. They want to know if he had gone through the surgery?

Tom Cruise Plastic Surgery (Before & After) (Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

However, it is common for all celebrities to go through a surgical procedure to look young and beautiful. People guessed that he had gone through Botox, nose job, hair transplant as well as veneers on his teeth.

The rumors started after he appeared at the 2016 BAFTA awards. According to the reports, he was noticed as he was seen puffy and swollen at a baseball game last month in San Francisco. Fans were unable to recognize the Top Gun superstar.

Moreover, people also commented about his looks a lot. “This looks like someone wearing Tom Cruise’s face,” one sleuth joked. “I thought Scientology held the cure for everything including aging,” trolled another. “Tom Cruise didn’t age, he got some awful work done on his face that bloated him like a frog,” teased a third.

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People also thought that he might have gone through weight gain. However, he also claimed that he has never gone through any surgical procedure and will also never go through one. He was also refusing that he has his nose done or any kind of surgery.

Tom Cruise Puffy Face Gone after Rumors

The 59- years old actor was seen with a  larger, more round, and puffy face, and there were rumors about his plastic surgery. However, he again looks normal after all those rumors.

Previously, everyone noticed him because he had changes in his face and his face was swollen and not recognizable. However, it left people wondering when he was seen filming scenes in Duxford, England, for the eighth installment of the Mission: Impossible franchise and saw him back to normal.

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This could also be that he ditched fillers and Botox after the 2016 pictures attracted unwanted attention.

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