Travis Kelce Weight Loss

Travis Kelce Weight Loss

Get to know everything about American football star Travis Kelce weight loss, before and after, diets, workout plans, game, weight, stats and more

Travis Kelce has set his name on the Wikipedia as an American football tight end. His fame is glowing after every game he plays. Being actively participating in the game since university, he has now become an idol for many football fans. The ‘Kansas City Chiefs’ player lately has been under several suspicions of weight loss.

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The snippet of Travis Kelce
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What weight loss procedure has he adopted to lose such weight? Know all the secrets about the player’s weight loss before and after with details of the physique he possess. What are his workout routines to stay fit and lose weight? Follow all the answers to the queries put out by fans.

Has Travis Kelce gone through weight loss?

Yesterday’s game has triggered the fans’ wonder about the player. Travis always has been active and fit player since the start. However, people saw minor changes in his body which raises the rumors of weight loss. He appeared slimmer than before and was faster than ever. The game watchers were shocked to see Derwin James easily lifting Kelce off the ground and slamming.

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He is really big and fit
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Everybody related the slamming to WWE style. And that pretty much seemed like it. As reported earlier, Travis is 6-5 and weigh about 260 lbs. However,  the scene suggested otherwise. He might have lost few pounds to be such light.

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Besides, people have been founding it hard to believe that Derwin just picked up 260 pound of man and slammed him on the ground with such easy looks. Otherwise, it doesn’t seem Travis has seriously gone through any weight loss procedure.

What are his workout routines?

On the contrary, he has been working in a really strict manner for the best physique he could possess. As the game requires a lot of strength, he has been developing a lot of it through workout sessions. However, he is watching his weight as well for being flexible and fast.

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He takes workout very seriously
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Menshealth said the star has been investing in his body a lot and has brought incredible changes over the years. The American player even mentioned his best workouts, “I’m big on shoulders. I’m making sure I’m hitting my scaps, delts, and my front shoulder muscles. Pullups and pushups are always undefeated in my mind”. Further, he also revealed that he is strict on his diet and nutrition as well.

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In conclusion, we can say that he hasn’t lost a pound intentionally. Thus, all the rumors and fuss seems to be false. They are not more than just a opinion of game-watchers. The football star is active on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, know more about his personal life and recent affairs there.