Are Drag Race Contestant Trinity K. Bonet’s Teeth Fake? Veneers and Enamel!!!

Are Drag Race Contestant Trinity K. Bonet’s Teeth Fake? Veneers and Enamel!!!

Every answer to your Top Queries about Trinity K. Bonet Teeth Fix, Fake Teeth, Veneers, Reddit, Enamel Covers, and more.

The drag queen Trinity K. Bonet has lately been rising on the trending section with her teeth being a major center of attraction. The actor with the real name Joshua Jamal Jones came back at season 6 reviving her popularity all over. Audiences couldn’t help themselves but see the changes in her teeth.

What procedure has she gone through? Have Trinity’s teeth fix helped her in singing or not? Are her teeth fake or real?  What about her veneers or enamel on her teeth?Know all answers to your queries in the article.

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Trinity K. Bonet Teeth Fix and Procedures

Looking at her pictures, she has an enamel as the cover of those teeth. Made up of Calcium Phosphate, the cover is pretty hard and nearly fools everyone as her real teeth. Further, she is also supposed to have done shaving for high precision among the teeth works.

Trinity K Bonet (1)

Her teeth have changed a lot through the years
Image Source: Drag

The actress also appeared in the music video, “Cover Girl” of RuPaul which further supported the allegation of her teeth fixed. The sources have also confirmed that she has used dental implants for enhancing her appearance.

Trinity K. Bonet Teeth Before and After

Trinity K. Bonet Teeth Before and After
Image Source: Celebs Diaries

However, the subject of Drag Queens like Trinity K. Bonet Teeth has never been a quandary subject as the changes are not hidden in the show. Some people also have assumed that her transformation is only for the show.

But as far as we know, she really has done teeth whitening and dental implants. The teeth are not a bit as her before teeth. They somehow seem to have degraded her looks too.

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The work of her teeth also has a direct effect on her gums as well. They are easily visible making unique looks of the actress than others.

Her Teeth and Reddit’s Post

Reddit also addressed the performer’s teeth asking questions and opinions of people. One of the people commented on the post saying the blurred lyrics were due to her fake teeth. But Trinity was seen loving her performance as usual. Others added that the rap part was hard to understand, however, he/she connected later on.

Trinity Season 6 and her teeth

Her appearance on season 6 got a lot of criticism
Image Source: Celebs Diaries

So, going through some top comments, it seems the celebrity impersonator really has taken the step in transforming her teeth. Stay updated on her Instagram and Twitter for more info about the actress and her teeth.

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