Victoria Caroline Beckham plastic surgery rumors with before & after photo

Victoria Caroline Beckham plastic surgery rumors with before & after photo

Find out all about Victoria Caroline Beckham’s plastic surgery rumors with before and after photos in detail.

Victoria Caroline Beckham OBE is an English singer and songwriter and also a member of the famous group Spice Girls. Beckham is also a fashion designer and television personality.

Recently, people have been raising a lot of questions on whether the spice girl undergoes some sort of plastic surgery. Read below as we have compared her before and after photos.

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Victoria Caroline Beckham Plastic Surgery

When did Victoria’s plastic surgery start? Recently, the 47-year-old designer was interviewed on American TV. She was there to promote her new beauty line.

             Victoria Beckham Plastic Surgery Before and After                                                   (Image Source: CelebsDiaries)

But fan’s interests quickly shifted to Beckham’s shocking new look. And thus her plastic surgery rose all around the social platforms.

So, did Victoria really go under the knife? Some of the very well-known and reliable sites have touched upon the subject matter but Victoria has not explained her recent appearance. Although in the past, Victoria did admit to having a boob job in her early 20s.

We compared her before and after photos. And yes, there is a bunch of change in the way she looks.

Some, however, believe that this could be make-up. But we assure you it isn’t. Make-up and plastic surgery have a huge visible difference.

Victoria Caroline Beckham Plastic Surgery Procedure

So what procedures are there to choose from? Many celebrities do plastic surgeries like liposuction, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty. Also, cosmetic procedures like botox and fillers.

So what kind of plastic surgery did Victoria Beckham have? Comparing her before and after the photo, we predict that she got a bunch of surgeries done on herself.

Firstly, we believe that the singer had her eyebrows done with eyebrow lift surgery. What is eyebrow lift? This is a cosmetic procedure to raise the brows and improve the appearance of the forehead and the area around the eyes. This is achieved after raising the soft tissue and skin of the forehead and brow.

Secondly, we also speculate that she had a neck lift. Because for a person who is 47-year-old it is highly likely that they have at least a few visible lines in their neck region. However, Victoria does have any which is suspicious to us.

Thirdly, her cheeks look about different than before. It has a sort of shine that is mostly seen with a person who has done cheek augmentation plastic surgery. Botox surgery is also highly likely to happen

Furthermore, we also predict that the songwriter had a lip-lift also known as lip augmentation. What is lip-lift used for? They are used to make lips look more fuller and plumper.

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Hang on we have one more. Lastly, we also suspect that the fashion designer had a nose job surgery as well. In her recent photos, her nose looks unnatural.

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