What Happened to Chris Pine’s Face?

What Happened to Chris Pine’s Face?

Everything you need to know about Chris Pine’s plastic surgery with before and after snippets comparison in detail.

Christopher Whitelaw Pine aka Chris Pine is an American actor. He made his film debut as Lord Devereaux in The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement. And it was really well received by the general public.

Talking about Chris’s dating life, as of 2022 he is single again. You must have heard that the actor split from longtime girlfriend Annabelle Wallis.

Anyways let’s discuss Pine going under the knife. We compared his before and after photos and this is what we found.

Chris Pine Plastic Surgery

Showbiz is the most desirable place to be if you look appealing but it can also be vicious if you don’t appear well.

We have covered a ton of celebs and their plastic surgery rumors. Most of those operations involved eye-brow lifts, face-lift, and breast implants. And people also favor nose jobs, lip fillers, cheek augmentation, and botox injections.

                          Chris Pine Plastic Surgery (Before and After)     (Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

However, many are not aware that plastic surgeries also have negative impacts- An unexpected reaction to anesthesia, infections, and scarring. And they also excess bleeding and damage nerves.

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How did the plastic surgery rumors surface? There was a rumor that the singer Harry Styles and Chris didn’t get along. But the Don’t Worry Darling actors have denied the former spat at the latter ahead of the film’s premiere in Venice.

Don’t Worry Darling has really been anticipated by a ton of people. The actor was born on August 26, 1980. He is 42 years old. And he looks like a person of the same age.

As per Pine’s ethnicity, the actor’s ancestry is Russian Jewish (from his maternal grandfather), English, German, Welsh, and French.

Chris Pine Plastic Surgery Procedures

Anyways we wanted to check his before and after photos on his social media. But unfortunately, you won’t find Chris Pine on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook — at least not under his own accounts, because he doesn’t use them.

So we surfed his old photos and no there is no difference on her face. We don’t believe that Chris has had a facelift like many others. We see his face aging naturally.  He has a wrinkled forehead. And he also has crow’s feet in his eye regions. This would not be possible if the actor used a facelift or botox.

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His nose too looks the same as it did when he initially started acting. We believe that people find him different because of his clean shaved look. Earlier Chris was growing a beard.

But we speculated that the Wonder Woman Actor has had a hair transplant. But the actor has never admitted nor denied having any enhancements.

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