What Happened to Kang Min-Kyung’s Face?

What Happened to Kang Min-Kyung’s Face?

Find out all about k-pop star Kang min-Kyung’s plastic surgery allegations before and after picture comparison in depth.

Kang Min-Kyung is a very well-known personality in the South Korean music industry. She is also an actress. You must know him for being one half of the duo Davichi, who got her stardom after the release of their debut album Amaranth in 2008.

The Duo has released 3 studio albums, 6 EPs, and several hit songs including the likes of “Don’t Say Goodbye”, “Turtle”, “Missing You Today” and “8282”.

As per her acting career, she appeared in television dramas such as Smile, Mom (2010), Vampire Idol (2011), Haeundae Lovers (2012), and the family drama The Dearest Lady (2015).

Several of the Korean singers and actors that we have covered have been speculated to have plastic surgery. And in most cases, they did have plastic surgeries done.

Did you know that South Korea is often regarded as the world’s plastic surgery capital? This is because it has the highest rate of cosmetic surgeries in the world, it nearly 1 million procedures a year.

They’re before and after photos were completely different. So is this what we will be getting from Kang Min-Kyung as well?

Kang Min-Kyung Plastic Surgery

Firstly we looked at her age. And to be honest she looked like a person in her early 30. She was born on August 3, 1990. And her age is 32 years.

But digging further we found a few images of the singer that made us understand why people were gossiping about her having cosmetic procedures.

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Just look at her face, doesn’t it look puffed to you? It looks kind of unusual. This is because she had a facelift that didn’t work as planned. Those cheeks and that tightened skin can easily conclude that she had a facelift.

What Happened to Kang Min-Kyung’s Face?

But we don’t get why Kang min had plastic surgery like a facelift she is just in her early 30s.

And people who use facelifts start using them after their 40s. We also didn’t find many wrinkles in her old photos that the singer would need to cover up.

So we slowly started to suspect that Kang had some illness. So we googled it and yes recently she tested covid-19 positive but this has nothing to do with what happened with her face.

                   Kang min-Kyung Plastic Surgery (Before and After) (Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

The actress has never disclosed anything about having or planning on having plastic surgeries. We only found an article in which her agent stated that she is hurt because people suspect her of having breast implants done.

Besides this, what happened to her face is a mystery to us. Apart from this, we also wanted to look at her old photos and compared them with her photos before the facelift. But like other singers, she has also managed to hide most of her old photos.

So we didn’t find much. A facelift costs on average $8k but it should not be a huge deal for an actress who has an estimated net worth of $1.5 Million.

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