What's the reason for Drew Carey Weight Loss? Find Out.

What’s the reason for Drew Carey Weight Loss? Find Out.

Find out all the facts about Drew Carey’s weight loss.

Drew Carey has recognized from his own sitcom The Drew Carey show. Carey has also hosted the game show The Price is Right. He is a well-known actor, comedian, and game show host.

The Price is Right actor is known to have large weight throughout his career. However, his weight loss transformation in recent years has shocked all his fans. Why did the stand-up comedian lose weight? How much weight did he lose? Read more to find out all the details about Drew Carey’s weight loss.

Drew Carey Weight Loss – Before and After

In 2010, Drew first started his journey on weight loss. Carey told Parade magazine that he had a goal to lose 90 pounds by November 2010. Drew was 170 pounds from 262 pounds by the end of the year shredding 92 pounds.

Also, the host dropped 10 waist sizes going from a waist size from 44 to 34. In an interview with Parade, the game show host told that he is super happy after the weight loss. He said that he was eating better now.

Previously, in 2013 the comedian did decide to lose weight. However, he was hospitalized because of chest pain and could not continue. It was discovered that the actor had clogged arteries. Doctors suggested the 63-year-old have an angioplasty operation. Angioplasty is an operation to open blocked arteries.

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Before his weight loss, the actor had been eating lots of unhealthy food and drinking a lot that caused him diabetes. In addition to diabetes, the American actor was also suffering from frequent mood swings.

Drew Carey Weight Loss details

Drew Carey’s dramatic weight loss transformation was first noticed when he was spotted at an LA party. Reportedly, Drew had lost a whopping 80 pounds weight.

          Drew Carey’s weight loss. (Image Source: Celebs Diaries)

He has openly shared his weight loss journey and how he managed to lose a significant amount of weight. How did the 63-year-old lose weight? The actor has said that he lost his weight through traditional ways, eating healthy and working out.

He told people that he was on a no-carb diet. The actor had to give up even crackers. Talking about his workouts, the actor did 45 minutes of cardio in the gym to lose weight.

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Carrey said that he enjoys being skinny now and is sick of “being fat on camera”. The actor said that once he started seeing visible results like his dropping pant sizes, it was easier for him to lose more weight, and didn’t want to stop.

Drew Carey Weight Loss Reason

What was the reason for the actor to go through a huge weight loss transformation? As per the actor, he was sick of being fat on camera. However, the reason that pays the biggest contribution to his weight loss is his health.

The actor discovered that he suffered from type 2 diabetes due to his unhealthy habits. Drew wanted to have a long healthy life to be with his son Conner. Thus, the actor began dieting and exercising. Carrey claims that he has cured his diabetes because of his weight loss.

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