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Who Is Amy Coney Barrett? Details about Her Family, Husband, Children & Net Worth

Find out all about the American attorney, jurist, and academic, Amy Coney Barrett husband, net worth, and her children in detail

Amy Vivian Coney Barrett is an American jurist serving as an associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. On October 27, 2020, she was nominated by President Donald Trump to become the fifth woman to serve on the court.

Apart from her professionalism, those who follow her want to know about her husband and net worth. Barrett children have also been a very hot topic in the media.

Who are the American Attorney’s Children?

Jesse Barrett said he and the couple’s seven children plan to join Amy in the Washington area in time for the start of the coming school year. The pair have seven children in total namely, Emma (19), Vivian (16), Tess (16), John Peter (13), Liam (11), Juliet (9), and Benjamin (8). Among which five are her biological children and 2 are adopted.

When asked about her kids. She said:

“We knew that we wanted to adopt internationally—the wait for domestic adoption was just very, very long—and there were so many children in need”. 

Let’s talk about her seven children briefly. Their eldest daughter Emma just might follow her parents into a career in the law. After the earthquake in Haiti, the couple adopted a toddler named John Peter from a Haitian orphanage. However, this was the second time they welcome a child to their home from Haiti. Previously, they adopted an orphaned girl named Vivian. According to the couple, their daughter Vivian is amazing. She was only 14 months old when they adopted her and she couldn’t make any sounds at that point.

Amy Coney Children                                                                      Amy Coney Children (Image Source: Daily Mail)

Back then Vivan suffered from malnutrition, she could not pull herself up to a standing position and had to wear size zero- to 3-month clothing. Today Vivian is a track star, and I assure you she has no trouble talking. They have another daughter who is of the same age as Vivan, Tess. Both of them are in grade 8. And according to Amy, Tess is one of the most determined and compassionate people she knows. That’s a huge compliment.

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John Peter is 10. He joined the family in 2010 at that time he was just three years old. Likewise, they have a son named Liam who is 8. And he acts like the typically curious 8-year-old does. Furthermore, their second youngest child Juliet is a very spunky 6-year-old. And Benjamin, their youngest son, is five. And has special needs. Benjamin has Down syndrome, and he is the unanimous favorite of the family.

Who Is Amy Coney Husband?

Amy Coney’s husband Jesse Barrett is a former federal prosecutor in Indiana. They have been married for over 18 years. Talking more about Coney’s husband Jesse, he served Indiana for 13 years, prosecuting white-collar criminal cases.

Amy Coney with her husband
       Amy Coney with her husband (Image source: Free Beacon)

Then, later on, returned to private practice at LaDue Curran & Kuehn, LLC in South Bend, where his practice includes white-collar criminal defense, corporate investigations, and complex civil litigation. She described him as a “superb and generous husband” and said they are co-principals of the Barrett e-learning academy.

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Previously, the former federal prosecutor graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 1996. And from the Notre Dame Law School in 1999, where he was Editor in Chief of the Notre Dame Law Review.

How Much Is Amy Coney Barrett Net Worth?

Amy Coney’s net worth is estimated at around $2.5 million. The sum also includes $1.6 million in securities and more than $500,000 in real estate. In addition to liabilities of around $102,000 in mortgages and more than $44,000 intuitions. Likewise, Amy reports cash on hand of $31,000.

Amy Coney net worth
                   Amy Coney (Image Source: NC police watch )

Furthermore, as a member of the Supreme Court is a huge achievement for anyone — there are only nine of them — as a government job, it serves a good amount of money. According to the 2020 reports, the annual salary for associate justices is $265,600, and Chief Justice John Roberts earns $277,700. Thus, Amy’s salary must also be in six-figure salary for Supreme Court justices.

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Furthermore, they have sold their long-time house of a six-bedroom, 4,232-square-foot (393-square-meter) home for $899,900. All in all, analyzing her financial status Amy Barrett, her husband, and her 7 children all should have a very luxurious life.

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