Martine Marie Etienne- Jovenel Moise's Wife, First Lady of Haiti

Who is Martine Marie Etienne – Popular as the Wife Jovenel Moise

All About Martine Marie Etienne Bio, Career, Wife of Jovenel Moise, Politics and more

Martine Martine is a well-known businesswoman. Martine is also this Haitian woman accompanist, capable of leading man to virtue.

She was a woman who did not hide from speaking up when it was needed to and is symbolized by Haitian women. Martine believed in transforming society, making people more respectful towards each other, and having positive values.

Who is Martine Marie Etienne?

Marie Etienne Martine Joseph was born on June 5, 1974. She was born in Port-au-Prince. Martine went to Roger Anglade College for her primary and secondary studies. And went to Quisqueya University in 1994 for her graduate studies in Interpretation.

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From a very young age, she started to get recognition in her area by demonstrating her great responsibility towards children. Her social value made her one of the most respected people in the city of Capoix La Mort.  

Martine marie

Martine Marie Etienne
Image Source: Radio vision 2000)

Martine’s main concern is the well-being of children. She really cares about her mission to work for their respect and their rights. Problems faced by women like gender equality, early pregnancy, human trafficking, the transmission of HIV from mother to child were very concerning to Etienne. In addition, her main priority was to stop women’s violence.

Popular as the Wife Jovenel Moise

In 1997 Marie and Jovenel Moïse got married and have three children with him. Jovenel inherited his love of the land due to his father, Etienne Moïse. His parents, despite their limited education, disciplined him to have strong values. He later became a Haitian entrepreneur and politician.

President and first lady 

President and first lady
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The credit to her husband Jovenel leading the presidency of Haiti goes to Marie as it was because of her sleepless campaign for more than 20 months. After this, she also became First Lady of the Republic of Haiti on February 7, 2017.

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Thus began the business success that would make him “the man with bananas”, as catapulted by the French-speaking press after becoming the 42nd President of the Republic of Haiti.

Assassination of Jovenel Moise

On July 7, 2021, the assassination of the President of the Republic of Haiti, at his home in the Caribbean took place. The group involved in this assassination is still unknown.

Moïse too was hit by a bullet during the attack as well and had severe injuries. Although she was rushed to the hospital and gained doctors’ best efforts she didn’t survive.

Image Source: Haiti Progress

A few minutes after the announcement of the president’s death, First Lady Martine Marie Etienne Joseph joined her husband. Interim prime minister Dr. Claude Joseph called the attack a “hateful, inhumane and barbaric act”.

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