Who's the Wife of Marv Albert? Is He Gay? Learn His Retirement!

Who is Marv Albert Wife Heather Faulkiner? His Gay Rumors & Retirement

Find who is Marv Abert wife and facts on his gay rumors and retirement.

Marvin Philip Aufrichtig AKA Marv Abert is one of the most entertaining sportscasters to have ever called on the sports world. Aufrichtig had showmanship like no other; he has covered a variety of sports events. Some of these sports include The Superbowl, Stanley Cup, Wimbledon Tennis Championships.

The 80 years old is a sports commentator famous for his commentatory in the NBA. Many of his fans want to know about his married life, his gay rumors, and his retirement.

Has Marv Abert Married Someone?

Yes, the hall of Famer is married to a woman name is Heather Faulkiner. Her age and birthday are unknown as she doesn’t have a Wikipedia bio or present on any social media sites.

Marv and his wife
       Marv and Heather walking side by side. (Image Source: Flickr)

Heather is Marv’s second wife, the first being Benita Oberlande who he divorced in 1992 after 27 years of marriage. He had four children with her, Brian, Denise, Jackie, and Kenny. The play-by-play announcer started dating shortly After his divorce, the play-by-play announcer started dating Faulkiner.

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Heather did not walk away from him even after the sportsman was accused of sexual assault as he was pleaded guilty to raping a woman named Vanessa. They married the following year. And have been together for 23 years.

What are there Rumors of Marv Albert Being Gay?

Yes, although there are rumors of Marvin being gay no one has confirmed it. Some say that he is straight, while others say that he is secretive about his gender. In a poll taken on his gender majority voted that he is bisexual.

Marv Albert
The snippet of Albert from Interview. (Image Source: The Newhouse)

Some unidentified law-enforcement sources calm that in the past he had a 15-year long relationship with a “raven-haired” male transvestite.

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An associate of transvestite has said that the transvestite has a civilian and that name should never get out in public. The associate has also said,

The relationship he had with Marv Albert–there was no violence, no rudeness, no inappropriateness. It was just straight transvestite sex.

I think due to society’s distaste and harsh judgment, all these acts like transvestite sex don’t come out in the public.

When did Marv Abert Retired?

Yes, the sportscaster has called his last game in the match between Milwaukee Bucks and Atlanta Hawks in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals held on the 3rd of July.

farewell to the legend
                           Farewell to Marv. (Image Source: slate.com)

Fans of every sport he has called have expressed their sadness on his retirement including Adam Silver, the league’s NBA commissioner who said

There is no voice more closely associated with N.B.A. basketball than Marv Albert’s. Marv has been the soundtrack for basketball fans for nearly 60 years.

Marv has ended his career span of 60 years and says that he doesn’t intend on coming back like other athletes. We hope you found the answer to all your queries, for more latest news & biographies, make sure to bookmark Celeb’s Diaries.