Who is Wendy Renee Young? Her Relationship with Dr Death, Kids, & Family

Find out all about Wendy Renee Young, her Relationship with Dr.Death, Wife, Kids, and more in detail.

Wendy Renee Young was the partner of Christopher Duntsch aka Dr.Death. Young gained attention because of her relationship with the doctor. There are a lot of people who know who is Christopher and his doings in his medical career.

People want to know more about Dr.death and the relationships he was involved in. Thus, people want to know all about who Wendy is in detail. We have gathered all we could find and here it is.

Who is Wendy Renee Young?

Wendy Renee Young is the woman with whom she had two children. However, she was never his spouse. Wendy is not a huge personality although she is popular, it is mostly because of Dr.Death.

Wendy Renee in recent days
            Wendy Renee. in recent days (image sources: Celepie)

Therefore, she does not have a wiki to her name, she can be spotted in the wiki of Christopher Duntsch. According to her Facebook bio, she is carrying on with a solitary life. She has not revealed where she currently lives.

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She is very active on Facebook, she frequently posts a thing that interests her. She has started working with NBC as a consultant in June 2020.

Wendy Renee Young Relationship with Dr.Death

Renee and Chris met when she was 27-years-old and he is 40. They were quickly very close with one and another. They met in a bar in Memphis, Tennesse in 2011, the first interaction began after Chris got her beverage at the bar.

   Christopher Duntsch ex-wife & child (image source: D magazine)

Dr.Death and Young never got married however they had two children together. Young said that he received an offer from medical centers in New York, Dallas. And she had relatives their so the pair moved to Dallas

They were in living with their family close to Baylor Regional Medical Center, having a five-room house.

Wendy and Chris had their first child and named him Aiden. Later when she was in the third month of her second pregnancy, she found out about Chris cheating on him.

                            Dr.Death(image sources: TheCut)

Duntsch had begun cheating on Young with his assistant soon after they moved to Dallas in 2011, according to D Magazine. Her assistant, Kimberly Mogan told investigators Duntsch and she had romantic times together in his office at Baylor Regional Medical Center at Plano. She also said that he kept a handle of vodka under his desk.

Their house was near his hospital so Young said that she noticed the two of them often being together and assumed that they were just working together. Megan stated that Chris told that Young and he were just friends. Would you like to see Sean Hu – the Rumored Husband of Sirisha Bandla? Grab their Relationship Details!

After this, the pair broke up and in December of 2013, Chris was stripped of his medical license. Soon after that, he went bankrupt and moved in with his parents in Colorado.

The report also states that Young did not leave with him and decided to stay with her sister in Garland, Texas. Long after they had split, Young gave birth to their second child Preston in September 2014.

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