Know About North Korean Activist Yeonmi Park Plastic Surgery!!!

Everything about North Korean Activist Yeonmi Park Plastic Surgery, Defectors, Controversies, Transformation, and more

Lately, North Korean activist Yeon-mi Park has been rising on the internet section a lot. After a lot of struggle, she has been on the surface of media and sharing her experience with the world. The 27-year-old lately is suspected to have gone under plastic surgery.

Did she go through any cosmetic procedures or enhancements? Where did the rumors come from? Know all about the controversy of Park Yeon-mi plastic surgery allegations and transformation.

Who are North Korean Defectors?

North Korea has always been a country with many controversies. Also, people have claimed that the country is strict in every case and is different from any other country in the world. Some people who found it hard to live there have fled to South Korea and other countries for their freedom.

Yeonmi Park North Korean Activist (1)

The snippet of the activist Park
Image Source: SBS

A similar case is with the activist Yeonmi Park. The N.Korean defectors like her used to have some scars and injuries on their skin. Even though the North N.Korean Civilian found a way to escape the country, they were treated differently judging from the scars.

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For their ease and normal survival, the Seoul-based police chief has launched the “Appearance Improvement Project,” which has the motive to remove such scars for free. Opening in 2014, the project has successfully treated many people with plastic surgery.

Has Yeonmi Park Gone through Plastic Surgery?

The star and a motivator for defectors, Yeonmi Park also is alleged of such plastic surgery. She also may have grabbed the help from South Korean Project. Her family fled to China in 2007  and she got to South Korea in 2009. After staying in the country for more than 5 years, she is now a resident of the United States.

Yeonmi Park Before and After

Before and After Pictures of the Defectors
Image Source: Celebs Diaries

Some audiences even have brought attention to her beauty. With that, others have suspected the activist has transformed her appearance for erasing her past traumatic life. However, the star has claimed that she hasn’t performed any cosmetic surgery. But, as far as we know, we can assume she might have considered laser surgery for erasing the scars she had.

Yeonmi Park During Speech 
Image Source: Life in the Right Direction

Being a celebrity, her appearance is covered with makeup. These have made her look less natural, so, people have their doubts. But the sources have said that she hasn’t adopted any cosmetic enhancements. Along with Yeonmi Park, other people also have gone through traumatic experiences. However, with the love and support of South Korea and other countries, they have found meaning in life.

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So, Yeonmi Park really deserves all the appreciation she is getting and we wish all the best for her as well as all other defector’s futures. She is also active on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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