Is YouTuber Mekkk Lesbian? Boyfriend, Step Brother Scandal & Wiki

YouTuber Mekkk Wiki/Bio: Lesbian, Boyfriend & Step Brother Scandal

Find out all about Mekkk with her wiki, bio, dating life, alleged sex attempted from stepbrother, boyfriend in detail.

Mekkk is YouTuber. She has made a lot of blogs so you can call her a blogger as well. Most of her content circled around her personal life and her day-to-day work life.

Recently she has not been posting a lot of content on Youtube. But her previous contents are slowly getting some limelight and some people want to know all about her. Read about her wiki and bio with the story of her step-brother and ex-boyfriend.

Who is Mekkk? Her Wiki and Bio

Unfortunately there not most nothing on the internet that has Mekkk’s wiki or bio. There is absolutely about who Mekkk is. All we found was that she was born on Dec 2, 1996. As per Mekkk’s age, she is currently 26-years-old and has a zodiac sign of Sagittarius.

Youtuber Mekkk bio
                    Youtuber Mekkk (Image Source: Instagram)

So after seeing that there is nothing relating to Mekkk’s wiki or bio, we can’t tell you much about her ethnicity and her parents. But we did some digging and went through some of her videos, in one of the videos she mentioned that she was raised by her stepdad when she was 5-years-old and died back in 2018.  We also learned that she has been diagnosed with BPD(bipolar disorder).

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If you have followed Mekkk’s, you must have noticed that the 26-year-old has a lot of Tattoos. In a Q and A video, she addresses some of them.

She has a tattoo on her left arm of a bunny she calls Hector and it is surrounded by flowers. And she also has a rose tattoo on the same arm. In addition to this, she also has a grim reaper and a panther in it. She has a rose in her right arm. She also has a dragon done on her left leg.

Mekkk Dating Life, Boyfriend, Step Brother Scandal and Opening Up Bisexual

As we mentioned before Mekkk is famous for being a storyteller. There was a video in which Mekkk told a story in which her step-brother tried to initiate sex.

She explained her stepbrother told her about his wife and their toxic relationship. And Mekkk advises him that if he doesn’t like being with her they should stop dating. This led him to think that she was hinting that she wanted to be in a relationship and date him.

Mekkk with her girl friend
                         Mekkk dating (Image Source: Instagram)

Which she didn’t. But her stepbrother won’t stop wanting to be with her and chatted and called him. According to her he even came to her house uninvited and wanted to kiss her.

There is also another video in which Mekkk takes revenge on her ex-boyfriend. Back at the start of 2018, she broke up with her boyfriend. She stated that the reason behind their breakup was that her ex would manipulate her both emotionally and mentally.

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The twist in the video is that she dumped 500 crickets in her ex-boyfriend’s room. She explained that she worked in a pet shop and one of her worst experiences was cleaning crickets when they die. So, she wanted her ex-boyfriend’s bedroom to smell worse than it possibly can.

In the December of that year, she realized that she is also interested in girls, so yes she knew that she was a bisexual. The blogger is currently in a relationship with a woman named Amy Pearson. Amy’s birthday is celebrated on May 11. According to Mekkk’s Instagram, they love traveling and visiting places.

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