YouTuber Twomad WeightLoss, Workout, Dietplan, Networth & Wiki

YouTuber Twomad Weight Loss, Networth & Wiki

Find out all the details about the Twomad wiki, merch, weight loss, net worth, and more details.

A famous Ethiopian-Canadian YouTube and streamer, Muudea Sedik otherwise known as Twomad. The Youtuber is famous for his live streaming of popular games like Fortnite, Minecraft, and overwatch on his twitch account. He gained fame after his “goodnight girl” meme went viral on social media. He is one of Canada’s highest-paid YouTube stars.

The YouTuber has three YouTube channels “Twomad”, Twomad gang”, and Twomad 360. He is very popular and let’s talk more about him in detail in his wiki down below.

Twomad Wiki

Sedik does have a Wikipedia, talking more about his wiki, as we searched for his wiki we found. Twomad was born in Winnipeg, a city in Manitoba, Canada on December 17, 2000. He is 21 years old and his zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Twomad’s nationality is Canadian and follows the Christianity religion. The Youtuber is into music and traveling.

In 2016, Twomad created his own YouTube channel under the same name and started uploading gaming and other videos. Twomad posted a lot of hilarious, prank, gaming, and challenge videos on YouTube.

His first video, with the title “WHEN TORBJORN MOLTEN CORES,” quickly went viral.  His films quickly gained millions of viewers after going viral on social media sites.

The popular YouTuber also owns another channel as “Twomad 360”. The content maker published Overwatch content to Twomad 360 under the “How 2…” and “Nerf…” series, which are also among his most well-liked series. A short while after starting to post Fortnite footage on Twomad 360 around 2018, Twomad switched back to focusing more on Overwatch content. He started live-streaming on this channel in April 2020, primarily gaming.

                        Twomad Wiki. (Image Source: Instagram)

The YouTuber switched from live-streaming on Twitch to YouTube because of his unease with the platform, where he argues that anything he does might quickly get him removed from the network.

He claims that streaming on YouTube is much better and that he feels more “free” because he isn’t concerned about being blocked. He has more than 2.44 million subscribers to his “Twomad 360” channel.

Also, Youtuber uploads commentary and storytime videos to the channel Twomad Gang, generally focusing on himself. The YouTuber discusses being a YouTuber and how he popularized the “Goodnight Girl” meme on the channel. He made a content change in late 2020, posting comical shorts, and made another in 2021, showing snippets from his streams. He has 295k subscribers on this channel

In addition, Twomad has two more channels where he uploads gaming and story-time videos: “Twomad” with 2.31 million subscribers and “Twomad gang” with 295k subscribers. On his Twitch channel, which has more than 2 million subscribers, he streams Minecraft, Overwatch, and Fortnite.

Muudea has amassed thousands of followers on numerous social media platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, as a result of his burgeoning prominence as a streamer and Youtuber. He currently has more than 627k followers on Instagram. A number of IT and gaming firms to represent their brands selected Twomad.

Twomad’s Networth and Merch

What is the net worth of Twomad? How much money does the streamer make? The 21-year-old typically uploads videos of himself telling stories and making remarks. His estimated net worth exceeds USD 373,000 in 2022. But, unfortunately, there are no trusted sources that claim his exact figures salary and that is still unknown.

Twomad Merch. (Image Source : Instagram)

His sources of income are brand marketing, endorsements, merchandise selling as “BRUDDA FROM DA BUSHES” and obviously his streams and content where in September 2016, he began his YouTube career with the video “WHEN TORBJORN MOLTEN CORES.” Overwatch gameplay was seen. The YouTuber primary source of income is from his YouTube income where he streams different games.

His merch includes TM Long Sleeve, Brudda From Da Bushes Tee, Twomad Dip Dye Long Sleeve, World Domination Long Sleeve, Warlord of Brukunda Tee, and OSAS Long Sleeve. These are T-shirts of his merch which are fairly popular.

Twomad’s Weight Loss – Before & After

So let’s talk about Twomad’s weight loss. The YouTuber was made fun of for his weight. Most online users made fun of him and created body memes based on his appearance. The YouTube star, however, had enough and decided to appear amazing by shedding weight.

How much weight did he lose, then? People were curious to know how many pounds Twomad lost and what his weight loss program was because of the controversy surrounding his drastic weight loss. Well, he did have a drastic weight loss of around 17kg in 2022.

He was insecure about the way he looked and was bullied because of his appearance. Later he worked hard and shed a lot of weight in a very short period of time and now he is confident in his body and the way he looks.

     YouTube Star Twomad Weight Loss – Before and After.                                             (ImageSource : Celebs Diaries)

As you can see clearly there’s a huge amount of weight loss in him in the before and after comparison. The YouTube star has lost a significant amount of weight this year. It is very difficult to be living with the criticism and bullies that surround you for the way you look.

But Twomad proved them all wrong and came back strong with his attractive dashing look with him being in quite a good shape and better than before and better than ever. Therefore, Twomad took that criticism as motivation and began to work hard.

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When a 21-year-old committed to losing weight and start looking better, many Twitter followers didn’t believe him, but the YouTuber stood strong. He worked hard to achieve his new appearance and as a result, he is very confident in how he looks and he feels way better than before.

Twomad’s Diet Plan and Workout Plan

So what Diet Plan does the YouTube star follows? There is currently no information regarding his Diet Plan. But he might have followed quite a strict Diet Plan to lose weight so fast. He couldn’t be having junk foods and those diets having high calories that lead to weight gain.

What Workout Plan does Twomad follow? Well, there is close to no information about his workout plans but to be shedding that amount of weight in a very short period of time needs guts and a very extreme workout that he might have followed. Unfortunately, there is no proper information about his workouts.

It was quite an impressive weight loss of him 17 kg in such a short period of time, only months. Twomad surprised all his supporters and his critics with his striking weight loss and his dashing looks.

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