Does Zac Efron Have Fake Teeth? Veneers, Teeth Gap & Plastic Surgery

Does Zac Efron Have Fake Teeth? Veneers, Teeth Gap & Plastic Surgery

Grab all the details of Hollywood star Zac Effron teeth surgery, fake crooked teeth, veneers implant, plastic surgery, and more.

Zachery David Alexander Efron better known as Zac Efron is one of the popular Hollywood faces who is loved by millions of followers globally. The Dirty Grandpa actor who became popular for being a Disney star, stylish looks and appearance have always been one of the highlighting parts.

And Zac, 33, who has been part of the industry for a long haul of time too as he started his professional acting career in the early 2000s and gained stardom for his leading role as Troy Bolton in the High School Musical Trilogy. But here we’re not discussing the 33 years old actor’s star career, but presenting you with the facts regarding Efforn’s fake teeth, veneers, teeth gap, and alleged plastic surgery.

Does Zac Efron Have Fake Teeth?

We always see picture-perfect actors on the big screen who seemed to be blessed with everything perfect. But the reality is far from what we see on the big screens.

Does Zac Efron Have Fake Teeth?

Efron has used cement fillers on the middle part of the teeth.
Image Source: Pinterest

And in a similar way, our all-time favorite Baywatch star Zac Effron also didn’t have a quiet perfect tooth when he starred in High School Musical.

The ’17 Again’ star does not have totally fake teeth, however, he has used some dental cement to fill gaps on his teeth. However, no one can simply tell he underwent dental surgery

Zac Efron Teeth Gap Before & After

If you been watching Effron since high school days then you might well know that Zac used to have a gap between his two front teeth. But if you look at the pictures now you can see the gap is fixed.

Does Zac Efron Have Fake Teeth?

Effron teeth Before & After.
Image Source: CD

It was also confirmed by Zac’s former girlfriend, Venessa Hudgens who shared, “I mean, he wasn’t the guy that he is today,” she explained citing High School Musical days. “He had a gap in his teeth! And he was a whole different person”.

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As we mentioned, Effron used teeth cement to fill the gaps. And analyzing his images, Zac-filled teeth are only the notable changes he made, on his teeth.

Efron Wore Fake Crooked Teeth ‘Veneers’ to Play Ted Bundy

If you guys watched the popular biopic of America’s Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile Ted Bundy played by Efron, then you might know that he used Veneers (fake teeth) matching exactly as Bundy.

Zac Efron fake teeth veneers

Zac wore Ted look-alike veneers.
Image Source: CD 

If you overlook Bundy’s teeth (the one on right) and compare them with the one on left (Efron), they look similar, don’t they? But in reality, it’s a fake crooked tooth that was made matching to serial killer ted Bundy.

Talking to Variety, the 33 years old actor, shared few words regarding his reprisal. He shared the outlet,

It was that Ted and I had quite a bit in common in the way we carried ourselves. There are a few mannerisms. You can tell he’s a bit bashful. He’s kind of shy. He’s a well-spoken guy, but he hides his anxiety with a bit of a smile. I didn’t want to do too much of an impersonation.

So Zac does not have fake teeth but he has used veneers to portray the role of Ted Bundy. The Neighbors star’s only teeth surgery was his teeth gap which he filled with cement.

Zac’s Plastic Surgery Look May Be Because of Dental Surgery

Recently, Efron has been accused of undergoing plastic surgery. The rumors of the actor’s plastic surgery started to swirl after fans noticed changes in his jaw and lips area.

Zac Efron Plastic Surgery

The plastic surgery looks can be due to dental surgery.
Image Source: Pinterest

Shortly after Effron shared the picture, it went viral and brought tons of trolls. Fans trolled the actor comparing with some of the popular plastic surgery faces like David Hasselhoff and The Weeknd.

According to popular plastic surgeon specialist Anthony Youn, MD aka Dr. Youn, the reason behind the changes seen in his jawline and lips can also be because of teeth surgery.

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As Dr. Youn predicts, the plastic surgery alike look can also be because of dental surgery. Youn added that Zac has a swollen part on the left side of the cheek, which shows us the possibility that Effron might’ve his wisdom teeth removed. However, the 33-year-old actor is yet to make a statement regarding his alleged surgery.

We hope you enjoyed the facts, for more Celebrity Teeth Fix articles make sure to surf around Celebs Diaries.

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