Zeeko Zaki Weight Loss

Everything you need to know about Zeeko Zaki and his Weight Loss with before and after snap in detail.

Zeeko Zaki is an American model and actor who was born in Egypt. He was born in Alexandria, Egypt, on January 18, 1990. His zodiac sign is Capricorn. So, how old is he? He is currently 32 (in 2022). Moreover, his nationality is American and he follows the Islam religion.

His character of “Omar Adom” in the “FBI: Most Wanted” is what made him most recognized. Zeeko has gained impressive fame and popularity as an actor. Zeeko Zaki went to Unionville High School and his undergraduate studies were done at Temple University. His father is Sharif Zaki and his mother is Emon Zaki.

He was in movies like The Therapy Session (2012), Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip (2015), Allegiant (2016), Mc Duffy: The Urban Eagle (2013), Tuesday (2014), and some more. Additionally, he has made appearances in a variety of television programs, such as The Game (2014), 24: Legacy (2017), Six (2017), The Inspectors (2016), Homeland (2012), and Satisfaction (2015), and The Inspectors.

He has a great personality. He has black eye color and brown hair color.

Zeeko Zaki Weight Loss

So what’s the body of Zeeko like? Well, He is tall, measuring 6 feet 5 inches. He weighs around 112 kg. Having a 42 inches chest, and 36 inches waist and his biceps are 14 inches.

So how much weight loss did the FBI star have? He opened up about his 100 lb gradual weight loss journey over the last eight years.

                        Zeeko Zaki weight loss (Before and after)
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He said being a little of a different person every year was the craziest thing. You gain around 10 pounds annually, so he wanted to go slowly. But the thing that stuck with him the most was a simple tip h discovered while reading Timothy Ferriss’ The 4-Hour Body. within 30 minutes of waking up: 30 grams of protein. So he tried it out.

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Back in 2019, Zaki gave an explanation of how he began his weight reduction quest by working out to P90X video packages and experimenting with various diets and exercise routines.

He stated that every six months, he has a tendency to become involved with a different kind of activity, like yoga or Crossfit.

Zeeko Zaki Diet Plan and Workout

So what type of diet plan does the 32-year-old star follows? Currently, there are no sources that have his proper diet plan. However, He tries different diet plans and different workouts to keep his body in shape, every few months, trying new ones like CrossFit and yoga.

And what are his workouts like? As mentioned earlier, he began his weight reduction quest by working out P90X video packages.

The P90X workout is like Chest & Back + Ab Ripper X on Day 1. Plyometrics on Day 2. Ab Ripper X and Shoulders and Arms on Day 3. Yoga X for Day 4. Legs and back plus Ab Ripper X on Day 5. Kenpo X on Day 6. Take a day off or stretch on Day 7.

It seems the workout and his different diets were pretty effective for his weight loss. And yeah, he is in great shape now.

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