Zeeki Zaki

Zeeko Zaki Wife, Net Worth, & Weight Loss Details

Find out everything about the ‘FBI’ actor Zeeko Zaki wife, net worth, weight loss, before & after, and many more

Zeeko Zaki is mostly famous for being the first Arab-American actor to be playing a lead role in a major American TV series. Before that, he played many small roles in several TV series.

After the appearance of Arab-American on the crime drama series, FBI, many people want to know about him. Does Zeeko have a wife? How much is the Arab-American actor’s net worth? In addition, know more about his weight loss. Read more to find out.

Who Is Zeeko Zaki Wife?

Is ZeekoZaki married? Does he have a wife? The answer is no. The Arab-American actor is not married. Hence, the FBI protagonist does not have a wife. However, the Valor actor did date photographer, Sam Schneiter from October 2020 for some time. They never officially spoke about their relationship. But, it was clear from their photos. In addition, the couple was frequently seen together. Unfortunately, the couple has broken up without any news. Similarly, to how they dated. Currently, Zaki and Sam Schneiter are no longer even following each other on social media.

Zeeko Zaki wife?
                 Zeeko Zaki and Sam (Image Source: Distrafy)

Moreover, they have deleted all the photos with each other. Furthermore, the ex-couple no longer have any photos taken together on their Instagram accounts. Additionally, the most recently uploaded photo, where they were seen together, was uploaded in February 2021. Unfortunately, it is also removed. Nevertheless, it is most likely that the couple broke up between February and March last year. Still, there are few posts on Twitter about them. Whether they are remaining to be removed is not known.

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Recently, the 31-year-old posted a picture of Renee Monaco on Instagram. The picture was posted on 8 September 2021 with the caption ‘Certified lover boy’. Who is Renee Monaco? She is an Instagram model and video creator. Is she his girlfriend? Unfortunately, so far there is not much information on this.

How Much Is an FBI actor’s Net Worth?

Zeeko Zaki is estimated to have a net worth between $4 million- $6 million in 2021. As an actor and model, his earning is estimated to be approximately between $70K – $90k dollars monthly.

Zeeki Zaki net worth
         Zeeko Zaki with Expensive Car (Image Source: Instagram)

Moreover, the American TV series, FBI, a star was estimated to have a net worth of $1 million USD between 2018 and 2019. Subsequently, his net worth was $3 million in 2020. Apparently, with more fame and popularity, there has been a significant rise in his net worth too.

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Zaki’s earnings mostly come from his acting career. Moreover, it is no surprise that he has amassed this wealth. Especially, when he starred in appearing on many television series like Six, 24 Legacy, The Night Shift, Revolution besides FBI. From his occasional Instagram posts, it is apparent the actor likes to travel and has a lavish lifestyle.

Zeeko Zaki Weight Loss; Before & After Comparison

Zeeko Zaki said that it took him 7 to 8 years to lose about a hundred pounds. Moreover, it was his strong decision to lose weight slowly. Furthermore, the actor believes if you lose weight quickly, it comes back. Hence, he was very patient in his process of losing weight.

Zeeki Zaki weight loss (Before And After)
  Zeeko Zaki weight loss Before and After (Image Source: Instagram)

The actor said that his first motivation to lose weight came when he saw the Christmas photo of himself. Watch what he has to say about his weight loss on cbswatchmagazine.com. Moreover, the FBI star has said that he is getting paid to lose weight to Sioux City Journal. And, the model said that karma has driven him to a place of success. It just took his determination.

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