Zion Williamson Weight loss

Zion Williamson Weight loss

Everything about NBA player Zion Williamson Weight Loss and Weight Gain, 2021, Stats and more

The rising basketball star Zion Lateef Williamson has been a trending name in the basketball section recently. The forward-positioned player’s weight loss also has sparked his name on the field. The professional NBA player has been serving as a player for the New Orleans Pelicans.

The talented player not only has fascinated fans through his games but went through incredible weight loss as well. Although it has been almost a year since the player’s transformation, the news is still fresh and rising. Check out his Instagram as well.

How much weight did he lose? What procedures did he adopt to go through such weight loss? what are his diets plans and workout routines? Know everything here in this article.

Zion Williamson Weight Loss

The young player first thought about losing weight when he suffered from knee pain during his beginning years at the NBA. Many fans and followers also brought their attention to it as Williamson couldn’t give his best.

He was strong and a big man from the start and he wouldn’t want to change that. But, with weight loss, the player thought he could be fast and a little accurate in games. Getting opinions from his fellow player and coaches too, it was hard for him to play for a long time with a body of 285 pounds.

Zion Williamson After Weight Loss (1)

The Snippet of the player on the move
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The 21-year-old player got so focused and shed about 25 pounds in less than 6 months duration. His performances also started sprinting. The game-lovers appreciated Zion for his play as well as the transformation he took.

Zion Williamson Weight Loss Before and After

Zion Williamson Before and After Weight Loss
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As many audiences didn’t hate the previous Zion, some have been wondering why the NBA star went through such weight loss. To answer these, everyone has given their side of understanding saying the rookie season became a little hard for the player. He was comparatively slow and also, he was not given a chance to play at some games regarding his overweight.

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However, rising everyone’s hopes up, Williamson came back on another season with 25 pounds less. He was fast and better compared to his previous games.

What Happened to Zion in 2021?

To many’s surprises, the player again increased up to 300 pounds coming to October 2021. The active teen player from 2019 has put on more than 35 pounds. The media as well as his admirers seem concerned for the player’s future and upcoming games. His “weight issues” haven’t been the only problem but the NBA star also has a foot injury.

Zion Williamson Weight Gain

His weight gain has surprised a lot
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Fans and followers also brought the issue to Twitter saying Zion will have a problem if he didn’t get back into shape. With that, people also have been assuming the player won’t be back on track with that weight and a foot injury.

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However, Williamson is just in his early twenties and he’s proved that he can change his physique in a short span of time. So, any off-season might be a good chance for the player to get back into the ground. We hope the best for the player as well as New Orleans.

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